An instructor shows a student how to fix a problem in Quorum.

Wednesday, March 8

8:30 AM
Introductions & Breakfast

9:00 AM
Presentation: Including Everyone in CS for All
Richard Ladner, University of Washington & Andreas Stefik, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Video: How Can We Include Students with Disabilities in Computing Courses? 

9:45 AM
Presentations: Accessibility of Programming Tools

  • Accessible Blockly Library – Cory Diers, Google
  • Blocks4All: Making Block Languages Accessible Using a Touchscreen – Lauren Milne, University of Washington
  • Tangibles + Audio Stories = Programming + Fun – Varsha Koushik, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Accessibility in Bootstrap – Kathi Fisler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute & Bootstrap

11:00 AM
Presentations: Accessibility of Curriculum

  • Universal Design of Learning via Panopto – John Dougherty, Haverford College
  • Students with Cognitive Disabilities – Maya Israel, University of Illinois
  • Multisensory CS Instruction to Provide Access to Students with Invisible Disabilities – Meg Ray, Cornell Tech
  • Accessible CSP for Students with Learning and Attention-Based Disorders – Sarah Wille, University of Chicago
  • Dyslexic Children Programming: Overcoming Barriers Through Better Interaction– Rob Thompson, University of Washington

12:30 PM

1:30 PM
Discussion: Strategies for Improving Accessibility

2:15 PM
Divide into Working Groups 

3:00 PM
Working Groups: What Can You Do to Improve Accessibility of Your Materials?

4:15 PM
Report-outs From Working Groups

4:45 PM
Evaluation & Wrap Up