Jason Schwebke, AccessComputing Team Member

Hi, I'm Jason. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor of science degree in information technology, with a concentration in web and database integration at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). As a part of my degree, I am required to complete three internships. Since I have accepted a fourth internship, I expect to graduate in spring 2011.

My third internship is at Glenn Research Center (GRC-NASA). My work as an intern involves troubleshooting tough code bugs and creating custom scripts for GRC-NASA's website. Currently, I am developing a new web template that will allow individual departments to customize their websites. I am also responsible for ensuring that websites meet Section 508 accessibility requirements. If a website doesn't pass the requirement, then it's up to me to fix it. I enjoy working with server-side scripting and troubleshooting some of the toughest code bugs I've ever seen.

GRC-NASA should have been my last internship, however was offered an internship at IBM, and I accepted. I begin the assignment ten days after I complete my GRC-NASA internship. As an IBM intern, I will work as a pre-professional software engineer conducting maximum stress testing. I will be testing the product to ensure that if thousands of clients use the software simultaneously, the functionality of software and integrity of data operate as expected. If the software passes the test, it is ready for distribution.