K Wheeler, AccessComputing Staff

In their December newsletter, the College Board ran an article about the importance of having access to coding and other aspects of computer science. Last year, with the creation of a new Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course (AP CSP), the College Board opened doors for underrepresented groups in computing, including students with disabilities.

Last year, Grady Thompson, a 2015 Scholar and AccessComputing team member, took AP CSP. “The AP CSP course in high school solidified my interest in computing fields and motivated me to apply to the informatics program at the University of Washington,” said Grady.

To increase the accessibility of their AP CSP class, the College Board has partnered with AccessCSforAll. Richard Ladner, AccessComputing and AccessCSforAll PI, says they are “working together to create a fully accessible version of AP CSP that uses research-based accessible tools such as the Quorum programming language.”

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