A person in a wheelchair shakes hands with someone standing

Hiring the best and brightest team members is top priority for any employer. But, recruiting diverse applicant pools requires inclusive hiring practices from the start. Follow these five steps to recruit competitive applicants with disabilities. 

Make job ads accessible

  • craft a detailed job description
  • avoid exclusionary requirements
  • ensure accessibility of materials
  • indicate how to request accommodations
  • affirm your company’s commitment to inclusion 

Target your recruitment

  • conduct targeted outreach to veterans, rehabilitation facilities, American Job Centers, and CILs
  • advertise on job boards like WRC or TAP
  • partner with AccessComputing, Disability:IN, and others 

Coordinate accommodations

  • indicate how to request accommodations in interview invites
  • understand accommodation as an interactive process
  • be prepared to support a range of disabilities
  • provide timely responses 

Send materials in advance

  • describe the entire hiring process
  • share a list of attendees and sample questions
  • send interview materials in an accessible format
  • give clear directions to the location that are wheelchair accessible 

Host inclusive interviews

  • select an accessible meeting space
  • use a protocol to ensure consistency across interviews
  • do not make comments or ask questions about a person's disability
  • follow basic disability etiquette 

For detailed guidance about each step, please visit our AccessComputing Knowledge Base article.