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Audience This web site is designed for third grade students
Overview We will create a web site where students can review their navigational skills while learning information about the three types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.
Objectives Students will be able to navigate a website.

Students will gather information from a website and transfer it to a different form.

Student will name the three types of rock, describing appearance, location and method of formation.



Project Alignment: Essential Academic Learning Requirements

Science 1.1 Use properties to identify, describe, and categorize substances, materials, and objects, and use characteristics to categorize properties of earth materials.   Observe and examine physical properties of earth materials such as rocks and soil.  Classify rocks and soils into groups based on their chemical and physical properties; describe the processes by which rocks and soils are formed.
Reading 1.3 Read fluently, adjusting reading for purpose and material.  Read familiar text with ease.  Read word by word or line by line when incorporating new skills or reading new materials.
Writing 2.2 Write for different purposes, including to respond to teacher's prompt, to tell about something, to name something, to describe something, to direct, to imagine and/or to learn.


Internet Links of Interest

Project Planning Template
Rock Cycles by Monica Whitney 
Rob's Granite Page '98
Geolink.Com's Virtual Classroom
The Stupid Page of Rocks
Science Web: Burgess Shale
Basic Mineral Identification
Windows to the Universe
Links for Mineralogists
Mineral Identification
Encarta Encyclopedia
Ron Coleman's Quartz Crystal Mines
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators


Instructional Activities

Metamorphic pancakes
Making igneous rocks
Sedimentary Crackers
The story of a rock
Make Your Own Metamorphic Rock
Create Your Own Sediment
Let's Make Obsidian
Let's Make Pumice
Sandstone Scrapings
Rock Classification Sheet
Draw the Rock Cycle
Web Data Recording Sheet


Final Project 1 Rock Cycle/Samples poster
Final Project 2 Rock Collection
Final Project 3 Pamphlet
Final Project 4 Life Rock Story


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