Final Project Choice No. 3


        You will design a pamphlet that explains each of the three processes by which rocks are formed.

1.    Before you begin look at the example pamphlets. Get a piece of  11" x 17" paper.  Decide how you will fold your finished pamphlet. Is it easy to refold?

2.    Sketch out where pictures will be located and where the text will be.

3.    Write a rough draft of your text.

4.    Word process your text being careful to fit it to the size of your pamphlet and the spaces you planned for it.

5.    Cut and paste your text on a clean piece of 11" x 17" paper.

6.    Give your text page to your teacher to be copied.

7.    Once you have your paper back make your illustrations.

8.    Turn it in.  Don't forget to write your name in some quiet corner of your pamphlet.           Look at the example pamphlets to see where those authors wrote their names.


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