Final Project Choice No. 4

Rock Life Story

   You will write a story about the life of a rock.  You will write it from the first person point of view.  You need to include birth, change, and where you wind up.  You will need to use the writing process of brainstorm, rough draft, edit, revuse, and publish.

1.    Decide whether you will be an igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary rock and then          brainstorm ideas.  Think about what form your story will take.  Will it written as an          autobiography, biography, mystery, or T.V. talk show interview?

2.    Show your rough draft to your teacher.

3.    Write, write, write!

4.    Read your story to a friend.  Insist on good feedback about your ideas and ask if your makes sense.

5.    Edit and revise.

6.    Word process or write your final copy and turn it into your teacher.

Don't forget your name!   

Thank to Susan Frack of  Raymond Central School for this idea.

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