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Use a Pre-Award Notification (PAN) to track changes to submitted proposals or to document supplemental materials prior to an award. PANs commonly document:

  • Revised budgets submitted at the sponsor’s request.
  • Updated compliance information required by the sponsor.
  • Information that has changed since the proposal submission.

To create a PAN, follow the directions to Create an Admin Action, and then convert the AA to a PAN.

When you create a PAN, you must select at least one checkbox under Content of Notification. The choices are:

  • Start Date Confirmed
  • IRB Approval Date Confirmed
  • Human Subjects Training for Key Personnel Confirmed
  • IACUC Approval Date Confirmed
  • Other Support Pages Submitted
  • Representations & Certifications Submitted
  • Revised Budget Submitted
  • Activation Notice
  • SFI Clearance
  • Supplement Proposal Materials
  • Just-in-Time
  • Other

When you select the Just-in-Time checkbox, an additional field will display for you to enter the Sponsor JIT Due Date.

pan content of notification section

All other information specified in the PAN is standard on all Admin Actions and will auto-populate from the Parent Item.

Administrative Actions—usually referred to as Admin Actions–record a type of action or adjustment to an application or an award in SPAERC.

When you first create an Admin Actions, it is an “unidentified” or generic action (AAs). You then change the Admin Action to one of the following specific actions:

  • A Non-Award Agreement (NAA) records a generic agreement not pertaining to funding.
  • A Pre-Award Notification (PAN) records a change to the proposed project before the sponsor awards funding.
  • A Funding Action (FA) indicates that the sponsor funded the proposal and records funding specifics about the award.
  • A Post-Award Change (PAC) records changes to the project after the sponsor awards the funding.
  • A Close Out (CO) records the tracked activities to terminate a project upon completion of the research.
How do I delete an Admin Action that I created?

Only individuals with the OSP System Administrator ASTRA role can delete Admin Actions, Funding Actions, or Subcontracts. If you have the System Administrator role, you’ll see a Delete option under the Actions + button next to the item. If you do not have this role, you will need to consult with someone who does.