Grant Runner Detailed and Subaward Budget Periods

Note: If you connect a SAGE Budget to your Grant Runner application when using the RR Detailed Budget, the system will automatically add periods and data to the RR Detailed Budget form. The form will become read-only, except for the link to add the Budget Justification attachment. In addition, a link to the Sponsor Budget Map page will appear on the left navigation menu. The Sponsor Budget Map shows how your SAGE Budget data flows into the RR Detailed Budget form.

The information on this page covers an application without a connected SAGE Budget.


A newly selected Detailed or Subaward Budget will not have any existing periods. You will need to add periods to the budget and then manually enter in the appropriate values for your budget.

For Subaward budgets, you also have the option of importing data from a PDF subaward form.

The steps to complete a budget period would be:

  1. Create an initial budget period
  2. Create additional periods either manually or by copying a previous budget period
  3. Complete the sections of each budget period
  4. Review the Cumulative Budget section

Create a Budget Period

On a new budget, there are no existing periods, so the page will indicate “No items exist” and provide a button to create periods. To begin adding budget periods, select the Add New Budget Period button.

detailed budget add new budget period button

The page will refresh and display a period summary table with headings and a row of data for the new budget period. Below the heading, the Budget Period Start and End Dates display at the top of the details section. Links to Expand All / Collapse All will appear above the heading row that can be used to fully display (or fully collapse) the accordion sections on the page.

grant runner detailed budget new period parts

The summary data for each period includes its Start and End Dates and major totals.

To the right of the totals, if there are any errors in the data for the period, the error icon (red circle with white exclamation point) will appear (see eGC1 and Grant Runner Errors and Warnings Summary for additional details).   Next is a Collapse link which will close the detailed part of the budget period leaving just the summary row displayed.

error icon with collapse and delete links

When collapsed, a link to Expand will appear in the row. Finally, the summary row includes a Delete link which will entirely remove the budget period.

error icon with expand and delete links

Budget Period Data

The first data fields within the Budget Period are the Budget Period Start and End Dates. The system will provide initial values for these fields based on the application start date and the assumption of a one-year period. The fields are editable if these assumptions do not fit your budget.

For full details on entering Personnel and completing other sections of the budget period, please view those help pages, linked below: