Submit and Track Your Grant Runner eGC1

You route a Grant Runner application for review just as you would any eGC1 application from the Certify & Route page of SAGE. As part of the process, validations are done to check for and NIH errors or warnings.

If you select Ready to Submit = No, you can route your Grant Runner application for review even if it still has outstanding or NIH errors.

You must fix all errors for your application to be eligible for submission via

When your application reaches In OSP status and has its final review, OSP will submit your application to Your application must be validated by and the Sponsor agency before it is officially complete. Therefore, it is important to submit your application at least seven days in advance of the sponsor deadline to allow time for UW internal review and approval, any necessary corrections, and any technical issues at or with the Sponsor System.

You can find more information about timeline requirements in GIM 19 Internal Deadlines for Proposals to External Entities.

After OSP submits your application to, you can monitor its status from the GR Submission & Status page of your eGC1. From this page, you can see the Grant Tracking Number assigned to your application and any information related to validation of your application.

Monitor the status of your application on eRA Commons

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) specifically allows you to review the status of your application online via eRA Commons. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you should check the appearance of your application on eRA Commons, and notify OSP if you need to make changes. Thereafter, continue to monitor your application’s status online via eRA Commons.

If there are no errors (there may still be warnings), the Sponsor assigns a unique Application Identifier (AN #) to your application. This signifies that your application was accepted. Once the NIH assigns the application an AN#, the PI should review the application package in eCommons to confirm that it appears as expected.

To check the status of your application:

  1. Log onto eRA Commons using your Principal Investigator (PI) account Username and Password.
  2. Click the Status tab and scroll to find the Application ID.
  3. If the Application Status reads eSubmission Error, click the Application ID to obtain specific information.

For more information, go to the NIH’s page on How to Submit, Track and View Your Application.