Accessing SAGE Approvals


In order to access SAGE, you need an ASTRA role. Someone who creates eGC1s usually has a Proposal Preparer or Principal Investigator role, while a campus approver will typically have one of the reviewer roles: Division Reviewer, Department or Center Reviewer, or Dean Reviewer. Compliance reviewers have distinct ASTRA roles.

There are two ways to access the eGC1 you need to approve.

You must also have access to the specific eGC1 you want to review. By default, the “owners” of the eGC1 (Principal Investigator, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, eGC1 Preparer, and possibly Budget Preparer) have access to any eCG1 on which they are named. In addition, a person can be assigned access (read-only or read/write) from within the eGC1.

Campus approvers have access to eGC1s based on a combination of their role and the associated organization code. So a Dean Reviewer for the School of Medicine would be able to access only those eGC1s that include that unit and role combination on the approval flow.

An owner, someone with read/write access, or an Approver can use the “Add Approver” or “Add Watcher” links to add an additional reviewer to the graph.

  1. You can click on the link in the email notification you received, for example:

    Please click the link below to access, review and approve (or return) eGC1 A999999 so the application can continue the electronic approval process.

    [link appears here]

  2. You can log into SAGE at and click the Sign In button. Then click on the Approvals tab to see your “My Approvals” page.

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