February 6, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes


SAGE Award Request List Filters

The following enhancements to the Filter List provide more options to help users quickly and easily find their awards:

  • New Filters: Users can now select the new “All Statuses” or “All Request Types” filters.
  • Filter Defaults:
    • When filtering “By Award” and selecting a Workday Award ID, SAGE will automatically set the secondary filter to “All Request Types,” however users can choose to select only the request types they need before applying the filters.
    • The Filter List now clearly indicates which status and request types are selected by default (default selections are blue and include a checkmark).
      • For campus users, “All Statuses” and “All Request Types” will be selected by default.
      • For the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA), default statuses will be selected for their team’s statuses only.
  • Reordered Filters: Based on user feedback, filtering “By Award” and “By Department/Center” now displays at the top of the Filter List.

The Award search label has been updated from “Application (eGC1) ID” to “Request Application (eGC1) ID,” for added clarity around which eGC1 users are searching.

Reminder: Modification requests will only display in search results when a modification eGC1 was entered on the request.

SAGE Budget Alert & Validation for 03-62 (subaward) Line Entries

As an added reminder, SAGE Budget now displays an alert that the 03-62 (subaward) line entry is for the proposal budget only. Additionally, Award Setup Requests that include 03-62 as a line entry will be blocked from submission, and users will be reminded to instead create a subaward worksheet.