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Once you have entered all of the application information and clicked the Submit button, the Application Submitted page will display, confirming that you successfully completed the submission.

Depending on the information in your application, the system will send you one of two email notifications.

  • Your medical evaluation clearance is complete
  • You must consult with the Occupational Health Nurse, with details on how to arrange one.

The following image shows this page.

application submitted confirmation

Note: Even on a declined screening, if the applicant is under 18, a consultation is required.

From the Application History section of the Profile page, you can view all of the applications you have submitted. Click on the number of any application to open it.

You will see the profile information that corresponds to the time of the application, followed by the information you included by checking the related boxes.

The following image shows an example from the full application, displaying the data that the applicant selected.

example of a complete application

To exit the application, select Return to your Profile at the bottom of the page.

Animal Use Medical Screening (AUMS) is a component of the UW Occupational Health Program. The EH&S occupational health nurse (OHN) is responsible for administering and managing the AUMS. EH&S offers medical screening to all faculty, staff, visiting scholars, veterinary staff, animal husbandry staff, and students who work directly with animals, unfixed animal tissues or body fluids. It is also offered to others who conduct activities in the animal care and use environment (for example, facilities and maintenance staff).

Access AUMS to complete and submit an application for review by the occupational health nurses. Anyone with a UW NetID can access the online version of AUMS.

For the question about the handling of animal or human source materials or entering animal areas:

  • If you answer Yes, you will need to complete the full version of the application.
  • If you answer No, you will complete just the Allergies section.

Below are descriptions of each of the application sections.

Laboratory Animal Use

This part of the application has two parts. Check the boxes that describe your work situation. Also indicate the type(s) of animals you work with currently or might in the future. The following image shows this section of the application.

lab animal use section

Immunization History

You must answer the tetnus and hepatitis B questions. If you select Yes for either answer, use the drop-down menu to choose the year. The following image shows this part of the application.

immunization section


This section appears on both the full application and the short one.

Check all of the boxes that apply.

  • If you select “I have known allergies (animals or other).” you must specify them.
  • If you select “I have asthma.” you must also answer the related  Yes/No question.

The following image shows this part of the application.

allergies section

Medical History

Check all of the boxes that apply about your medical history. The following image shows this part of the application.

medical history section


Check any statements that apply. The following image shows this part of the application.

ergonomics section

Additional Health Concerns

Check all of the boxes that apply about any additional concerns.  The following image shows this part of the application.

additional health concerns section


This section appears on both the full application and the short one.

The certification statement reads: “By submitting this application, I certify that I have answered the questions truthfully and to the best of my recollection.”

The following image shows this part of the application.

application certification


Click the Submit button to send your application on to the reviewers. If you have missed any required fields, one or more error messages will display. For example:  Please indicate if you have had a tetanus booster in the past 10 years.  This example is shown in the following image.

Example validation error for missing required field


If you don’t want to submit your application at this time, you can click the Cancel link which will return you to your Profile page. The system will not save any data you entered.

In this section, you need to indicate whether you agree or decline to participate in the screening. The first time you access AUMS, you will see a statement indicating that you must complete an initial Animal Use Medical Screening. Once you have been screened, you can opt to decline in the future.

To continue, select the check box for the statement “I understand that federal regulations require that I participate in this occupational health program.” as shown in the following image.

create new application section with initial statement

Once you select the check box, and therefore agree to the screening, the process continues as described in the Agree section below.

After your initial access and screening, the options to agree or decline screening will display, as shown in the following image. Make your selection, then follow the instructions in the appropriate section below.

create or renew application section


When you select I agree, the following three statements will display:

  • I handle animals or animal tissue, or anticipate handling these in the future
  • I use human source materials
  • I am a researcher who enters animal areas

Answer Yes or No. The number and type of questions on the application will vary depending on your answer.

After you have selected your answer, click the Start Application button to continue.


When you select I decline, a Submit button will display. Click it to complete the process.

The system will send you a letter referring you to information to help prevent the development and symptoms of laboratory animal allergies.

This section lists all of the applications you have submitted and shows their status. The following image shows the history section with several applications listed. The fields are described below.

application history section

Field Description
Name Your legal name as entered in the UW human resources system
Application Number The system assigns a system-generated unique number with a prefix of AUMS to each application. Click on this value to open and view the application.  If your application was to decline screening, you will see that indicated in this column.
Date Submitted This is the date you completed and submitted the application.
Status This is the review status of your application. The Occupation Health Nurses (OHN) will assign an appropriate status as they review and process your application.

Values are

  • Applicant Submitted (this is the initial status)
  • In Review Process
  • In Review Process – Follow-up
  • Review Completed
  • Duplicate
  • Incomplete
Review Completed This is the date the OHN completed their review of your application.
Recall Date This value is determined by the OHN based on the information in your application.
Documents Once the OHN have reviewed and cleared your application, they will attach a copy of your Clearance Letter. A link to it appears in this column.

This section contains general information about you. You can edit some of the data presented. Once you enter your Age Range, Supervisor/PI, and other information, those values will display the next time you enter AUMS.

The following image shows the Applicant Profile section, with some example data.

applicant profile example

Field Description
Name Your legal name as entered in the UW human resources system
Directory Name Your name from the UW directory
Refresh profile Information? link Use this to update your profile with your current information from the system.

When you select the link, the Refresh Profile page displays, showing the information used to update your AUMS profile. You can click Save to use the listed information or Cancel to leave your profile in its current state. Your Profile page will redisplay.

Employee Number This is your UW employee ID. You cannot edit this field.
Age Range Select a value for this field. Choices are:

  • Under 18
  • 18 – 34
  • 35 – 49
  • 50 – 64
  • 65 and older
Email The system will display your email. You may update this field to a different email address if desired.
Job Title The system will display your job title. You can change it as needed.
Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) You must select an individual for this field.

Use the Look Up button to search for and select the appropriate person. Once you’ve selected a person, the page will refresh and a link to Change Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) will appear.

Primary Position Unit The system populates this information for you. It displays as read-only.
Box Number The system populates this field based on your Academic Home Unit.  You can edit it.
Contact Phone The system will display this information. You can edit it if needed. This field is not required.
Alternate Phone The system will display this information. You can edit it if needed. This field is not required.
IACUC Protocols Use the Add Protocol link to enter one or more protocol numbers. Once you have added an entry, a green X will appear that you can use to delete that one entry, as shown in the image below.

I A C U C Protocol example showing entered protocol

Lab Locations For each lab location where you work, use the Add Lab Location link and fill in the Building and Room information. Once you have added an entry, a green X will appear that you can use to delete that one entry, as shown in the image below.

Lab Locations example showing selected building and room

Animal Exposure Status Use this field to indicate if you are currently exposed to animals. Choices are: “Active” or “Inactive: No further work with/around animals.”

When you change your status from Active to Inactive, a dialog will appear for you to confirm the change. In addition, an email will sent to Employee Health, the Office of Animal Welfare (OAW), and the Supervisor or PI listed in your profile.

What do I need to access the online AUMS application?
What happens if I choose not to participate in the screening?

You must fill out an application stating that you decline to participate. Not being screened could lead to unforeseen medical concerns. If you change your mind, you may fill out another application.

What happens when I submit my online AUMS application?

Applications are routed to the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Occupational Health Nurses for review.