Application History


This section lists all of the applications you have submitted and shows their status.

Application History section

Application Number

The system assigns a system-generated unique number with a prefix of AUMS to each application. Click on this value to open and view the application.  If your application was to decline screening, you will see that indicated in this column.

Date Submitted

This is the date you completed and submitted the application.


This is the review status of your application. The Occupation Health Nurses (OHN) will assign an appropriate status as they review and process your application.

Values are

  • Applicant Submitted (this is the initial status)
  • In Review Process
  • In Review Process – Follow-up
  • Review Completed
  • Duplicate
  • Incomplete

Review Completed

This is the date the OHN completed their review of your application.

Recall Date

This value is determined by the OHN based on the information in your application.


Once the OHN have reviewed and cleared your application, they will attach a copy of your Clearance Letter. A link to it appears in this column.

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