Create New Application

In this section, you need to indicate whether you agree or decline to participate in the screening. The first time you access AUMS, you will see a statement indicating that you must complete an initial Animal Use Medical Screening. Once you have been screened, you can opt to decline in the future.

To continue, select the check box for the statement “I understand that federal regulations require that I participate in this occupational health program.” as shown in the following image.

create new application section with initial statement

Once you select the check box, and therefore agree to the screening, the process continues as described in the Agree section below.

After your initial access and screening, the options to agree or decline screening will display, as shown in the following image. Make your selection, then follow the instructions in the appropriate section below.

create or renew application section


When you select I agree, the following three statements will display:

  • I handle animals or animal tissue, or anticipate handling these in the future
  • I use human source materials
  • I am a researcher who enters animal areas

Answer Yes or No. The number and type of questions on the application will vary depending on your answer.

After you have selected your answer, click the Start Application button to continue.


When you select I decline, a Submit button will display. Click it to complete the process.

The system will send you a letter referring you to information to help prevent the development and symptoms of laboratory animal allergies.