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This section contains general information about you. You can edit some of the data presented. Once you enter your Age Range, Supervisor/PI, and other information, those values will display the next time you enter AUMS.

The following image shows the Applicant Profile section, with some example data.

applicant profile example

Field Description
Name Your legal name as entered in the UW human resources system
Directory Name Your name from the UW directory
Refresh profile Information? link Use this to update your profile with your current information from the system.

When you select the link, the Refresh Profile page displays, showing the information used to update your AUMS profile. You can click Save to use the listed information or Cancel to leave your profile in its current state. Your Profile page will redisplay.

Employee Number This is your UW employee ID. You cannot edit this field.
Age Range Select a value for this field. Choices are:

  • Under 18
  • 18 – 34
  • 35 – 49
  • 50 – 64
  • 65 and older
Email The system will display your email. You may update this field to a different email address if desired.
Job Title The system will display your job title. You can change it as needed.
Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) You must select an individual for this field.

Use the Look Up button to search for and select the appropriate person. Once you’ve selected a person, the page will refresh and a link to Change Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) will appear.

Primary Position Unit The system populates this information for you. It displays as read-only.
Box Number The system populates this field based on your Academic Home Unit.  You can edit it.
Contact Phone The system will display this information. You can edit it if needed. This field is not required.
Alternate Phone The system will display this information. You can edit it if needed. This field is not required.
IACUC Protocols Use the Add Protocol link to enter one or more protocol numbers. Once you have added an entry, a green X will appear that you can use to delete that one entry, as shown in the image below.

I A C U C Protocol example showing entered protocol

Lab Locations For each lab location where you work, use the Add Lab Location link and fill in the Building and Room information. Once you have added an entry, a green X will appear that you can use to delete that one entry, as shown in the image below.

Lab Locations example showing selected building and room

Animal Exposure Status Use this field to indicate if you are currently exposed to animals. Choices are: “Active” or “Inactive: No further work with/around animals.”

When you change your status from Active to Inactive, a dialog will appear for you to confirm the change. In addition, an email will sent to Employee Health, the Office of Animal Welfare (OAW), and the Supervisor or PI listed in your profile.

October 2015 Maintenance Release


Make Applicant Age Range required

Age Range is now required for all AUMS profiles upon application creation or profile update. The Age Range field is now also visible for all profile types in OHN. This will ensure the Occupational Health Nurses can take the necessary additional steps required if an applicant is a minor or if age may be a related factor in their health condition.

Auto-Notification to OAW upon Review Completion

An automated email process has been created to inform OAW of each review completion upon application status becoming “Review Completed”. The email will include these data points: applicant’s name, email and their AUMS recall date. This notification will allow OAW to receive clearance information in real time (when review of an application or declination is completed) so OAW can process approval of protocols immediately.

Make submission notification more prominent

To make the application completion acknowledgment more prominent to users, and to minimize unnecessary application re-submission to AUMS caused by lack of clear acknowledgement, the font size of the confirmation has been increased, and unnecessary elements have been removed from the page.

Make Supervisor or PI a mandatory entry for UW or Non-UW Affiliates

In order to connect an Affiliated applicant (who doesn’t have an existing UW profile) to a UW person or department who sent them, the “Supervisor or PI” entry is now required for all affiliated applicants. The screen labels for this field have also been standardized and updated to “Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI)” for all profiles.

June 2013 SAGE Release

Bug Fixes

Profile details were not been displayed properly

Profile information was being included in the current application, but not saved for re-use.