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How do auto-adjusting lines help me to reach my target?

With auto-adjusting entries, you can set a period minimum and maximum amount for specific Budget Line Items and prioritize the order in which funds are allocated to each line item. Funds will be allocated to these auto-adjusting line item entries based on your budget target and the order in which you have prioritized the line items, with funds going to Priority 1 items first. This function is particularly helpful when you anticipate having some unspent dollars in your budget and would like to optimize the funds available in specific areas.

For example, assume you have established a target of $500,000 for your budget. You enable auto-adjusting entries and set travel as priority 1 with a maximum of $5000, and equipment as priority 2 with a maximum of $3000. When you finish entering all the data into your budget worksheet, your total budget is only $493,000. The $7,000 less your target amount of $500,000 will be allocated to travel up to $5000. When travel is funded at $5000, the remaining $2,000 will be allocated to equipment, thereby creating a total budget of your target amount.

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