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How can I make sure SAGE Budget applies the correct F&A rate to our sub-contractor budget?

To apply a different F&A rate to your sub-contractor budget, you need to create a sub-budget of type Sub-contract, and set the F&A rate for that specific sub-budget.
  1. Go to the Sub Budgets tab, click Add Sub Budget, enter a working title for the sub-contract budget, and then select Subcontract Budget from the Budget Type drop down menu.
  2. From the sub-budget worksheet, click the F&A tab, type in the Subcontract F&A Rate, and then select the applicable Subcontract Base Type.
  3. If you select the base type Custom, be sure to select the checkboxes next to the Budget Lines that should be included in the F&A Base.

Hint: Refer to your sponsor documentation to make sure you are applying F&A according to their specifications.

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