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How do I update an attachment to my eGC1?

If your eGC1 is in Composing status, you can simply delete the existing attachment and upload a new one. If the eGC1 is routing (Routing or In OSP status), you must first withdraw it to update an attachment.

Note: If an eGC1 is marked as Ready to Submit and has reached In OSP status, it cannot be withdrawn. You will need to contact OSP and request they return the eGC1.

  1. Go to the Attached Documents page where the attachment is stored.
  2. Scroll to the attachment you want to update, and click the Update link.
  3. Browse to the file you want to upload, and click Upload. The initial attachment is labeled "version 1." Each subsequent update is labeled with the next version number (2, 3, etc.).

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