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What happens after a reviewer returns an eGC1?

OSP or any other reviewer may return an eGC1 to you to request that you make some changes. When an eGC1 is returned, the eGC1 Creator, PI, Budget Contact, and Administrative Contact will be sent an email notification with information about the changes needed. A returned eGC1 is not longer routing, so you may edit it. Once you have made the changes and are ready to re-submit the application, click the Complete button located on the bottom of the Certify & Route page.

Reviewers who have already approved your eGC1 will not be required to re-approve. If you make a major change, you may want to add them onto the approval graph as ad hoc approvers. You may only do this when the eGC1 is routing. If you change the PI, organization receiving funding, or answers to the compliance questions, the routing path (Approval Flow) may change.

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