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Adding IACUC to the Approval Flow

Once your sponsor has indicated that you are likely to be funded for your grant application (that you have a fundable score) you will need to have the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) review your eGC1. Your application will be in Approved status at this time.

To do so, you should add them as a Watcher to the Approval Flow, which will send an email to the committee alerting them that their review is needed.

You need to have Read/Write access to the eGC1 as either an owner (PI, contact) or with assigned access to do these steps. Note: A user with the Global Edit role cannot Add Approver, Add Watcher or Add Comments to the Approval Graph. Even if she adds herself onto a specific eGC1 with R/W access, she still can't change the graph. See the related issue information.

To add a watcher:

  1. On the Approval Flow for the eGC1, click the Add Watcher link (located about halfway down the page).
  2. In the Add Watcher window, chose the following options:
    • Role: Animal Subjects
    • Location: Parallel with OSP Approver
  3. Add a reason for the addition.
  4. Click the Add Watcher button to complete the process.

The watcher box for Animal Subjects will appear beneath the OSP box.

For general information about adding reviews, see the Ad Hoc Reviewers article.

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