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Why is my eGC1 in read-only mode, when I have read-write access?

First, verify that you have read-write access by checking the Contacts & Assign Access page.

If you do have read-write access, there are three possible reasons why your eGC1 might open in read-only mode:

  1. Status: To make changes to a Routing eGC1, you must withdraw it. If your eGC1 has reached In OSP status and you have indicated "Yes" for the Ready to Submit question, contact OSP to have them return the eGC1 to you; otherwise you can withdraw it.
  2. Locked for Editing - 1: Your eGC1 was already being edited by another user when you opened it. Only one person may have an eGC1 open for editing at a time. To resolve this situation, contact the person who has access to the eGC1 and request that they close the eGC1 to allow editing by a different person. You can see who is currently editing an eGC1 by looking at the top of any page.
  3. Locked for Editing - 2: Another user recently exited your eGC1 without closing out of the eGC1 correctly. When this occurs, the system maintains an active status for the eGC1 in the SAGE database for 45 minutes, even after the user closes his or her browser.

    To resolve this, the user who exited incorrectly must log back into SAGE, re-open the item, and then close out properly. If the user is unavailable, you can wait 45 minutes, at which point the system will automatically log the person out, or you can call the ORIS Help Desk (685-8335) for further assistance.

    Note: To close an eGC1 properly, click the Save & Close this egCC1 link or the Back to My eGC1s link.

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