Race & Equity Initiative

May 23, 2017

Action and Accountability: Addressing Race and Equity Across the UW

“It is not — and could never be — the sole responsibility of one person, one office or one initiative to solve these systemic and complex issues. It will take an ongoing and sustained effort from all of us.” — President Ana Mari Cauce

Since the launch of the Race & Equity Initiative in 2015, we have taken action and made progress — efforts featured in a new provost report.

  • Last autumn, we enrolled the UW’s most diverse class of first-year students ever.
  • We launched a Diversity Blueprint that outlines UW goals, actions and accountability measures.
  • We’re holding ourselves accountable with new oversight boards for the UW Police Department and a regents committee dedicated to progress on equity and inclusion.
  • And we’ve exceeded our goals around partnering with minority- and women-owned businesses to provide goods and services to the UW, reaching 39 percent of our annual procurement budget.

While it’s important to note progress — and especially the hard work of many of you across our three campuses — it’s equally important to avoid complacency. We have a long way to go, further than any one initiative or one leader can take us.
UW colleagues, like those featured in this report (web/pdf), are leading the way in areas from recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty to transforming the curriculum to address bias to creating new tools for accountability around equity.
The president, Race & Equity Initiative co-chairs Ed Taylor and Rickey Hall, and I hope you will join us in this work — recognizing the progress made in the last few years while keeping our eyes on the horizon, taking action and holding ourselves accountable to continue working toward a more equitable and just university community.

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Gerald J. Baldasty
Provost & Executive Vice President
Professor, Communication
Adjunct Professor, American Ethnic Studies; Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies


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