Office of the President

December 6, 2017

Visionary gift will create Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine

Ana Mari Cauce

BBI launch event.Today, we were honored to announce a $50 million gift from Jeff and Susan Brotman and Dan and Pam Baty to create the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine, which will harness the research of UW Medicine, Fred Hutch and Seattle Children’s to focus on delivering on the promise, power and reach of precision medicine to save and change millions of lives. This is a wonderful testament to the vision and generosity of the Brotmans and Batys, and I wish Jeff, whom we lost this year, were here to see it come to fruition. The incredible promise of this new institute to improve the health of individuals and populations near and far is a gift not only to the University of Washington, but to countless future patients who will live longer, healthier lives.

The field of precision medicine leverages our growing understanding of genetics and genetic engineering along with big data and new technologies to meet an individual’s unique treatment needs. It’s an area of burgeoning and astounding discovery, so it’s fitting that UW Medicine, working at the forefront of medical discovery, will be leading our region in this exciting realm.

This generous gift is a testament to the power of philanthropy, and to the deep connection between our University and families like the Brotmans and Batys. They, and the many foundations and corporations that support the work we do here, are our partners in ensuring a better future for our students, state and society. They embody the ideal that together, we can truly change the world.