Office of the President

March 14, 2014

Tremendous pride in our student-athletes

Michael K. Young

University of Washington Undergraduate Medalist Reception

Megan Kufeld

Student-athletes are a tremendous source of pride for our institution. I think being a student and an athlete is truly incredible—I am impressed by their abilities to manage the intensive practice and game schedules in addition to their academic responsibilities and deadlines.

The UW student-athletes have a strong record of success in graduation—especially in men’s tennis and women’s golf and volleyball—rivaled by only a few other Pac-12 schools. As I head to a meeting with my counterparts in the Pac-12 Conference today, I will carry with me that pride as well as stories of our remarkable athletes like UW Women’s Soccer goalkeeper Megan Kufeld, to whom just last week I had the great pleasure of presenting a Presidential Medal for her outstanding academic achievements. Go Huskies!