Office of the President

September 16, 2011

President’s annual address will be Oct. 12

University of Washington

Save the date! The President’s Annual Address to the University Community is scheduled for Oct. 12 in Kane Hall, Room 130, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. It will be webcast live on UWTV.

Have something on your mind you’d like to ask the president? Questions are being solicited in advance of the event, and we encourage you to submit yours today!

  • Patricia Gomez

    When the economy goes in decline and tax revenues are short, public employees seem to be the target for reduction as if we are some sort of luxury (like going to the movies or out for dinner) society can learn to live without. Not all of us “cure cancer” but many of us make it possible for those that do to spend as much of their time finding solutions to some of our most challenging social and medical problems. The tired joke of the shiftless and rude employee at DMV has served as a proxy for all public employees in the eyes of many. I’m tired of this joke, it’s not funny, but insulting and demoralizing.

    What do you plan to do to create a less hostile attitude toward those in higher-ed service? How do you propose to increase the awareness of our real value?

  • Kelly Black

    Due to State policy, much of the classified and professional staff have gone 3 years with no increase in salary at all, even if staff are supported by Federal and not state funds. What efforts are being made to rectify this and when can staff reasonably expect to receive a cost of living allowance increase?

  • Christine Stickler

    How important do you feel it is for undergraduates to be engaged in their community in ways that connect back to their academic studies? (Ie. civic engagement or service learning)


    How important do you feel it is for the university to support our local K-12 community by providing tutors and mentors from our campus?