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February 15, 2018

Immigration Stalled Again

The Senate on Thursday effectively failed to move forward with any of four immigration proposals put forward today. This included a Republican proposal backed by President Donald Trump that would grant 1.8 million “Dreamers” a path to citizenship and provide $25 billion for a border wall and security improvements. The action came on a 39-60 vote…

February 12, 2018

Senate Set to Begin DACA Debate This Week

The Senate is expected to kick off its debate on DACA this week, perhaps as early as this evening.  As a way to reopen the government after the last government shutdown in January, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made a commitment to allow the Senate to start debate on possible ways forward on the DACA situation…

February 7, 2018

Two-year budget deal reached in Senate

Today, the Senate reached a far-reaching bipartisan budget agreement that would set top-line spending limits for FY2018 and FY2019, which would be added to the continuing resolution (CR) passed by the House.  The spending levels for the two years represent significant increases above what is currently allowed under the budget caps that were created in 2011. Under the agreement,…

A budget deal on the horizon before a shutdown?

As expected, the House agreed to yesterday by a vote of 245 to 182 the next short-term continuing resolution (CR) that would keep the government funded through March 23.  The current CR expires Friday morning at midnight.  The House-passed CR would fund the Department of Defense for the rest of the year at $30 billion over…

February 6, 2018

Next CR Unveiled

Late yesterday, the House leadership unveiled the next short-term continuing resolution (CR), which would keep the government funded through March 23.  The current CR expires Thursday evening. The next CR includes a nod to the House conservatives, as it would fund the Department of Defense at above the budget-cap levels  for the rest of the fiscal year while…

February 5, 2018

Another CR Being Prepared

Not surprisingly, Congress is preparing to take up another short-term continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government funded past February 8, which is when the current CR expires. While talks continue on the different issues related to this CR– including the lifting of the budget caps and a solution to the Dreamers situation– no agreement…

January 26, 2018

White House Unveils Immigration Framework

The White House shared with Congress yesterday its “framework” for immigration reform, which includes, in general terms, the Administration’s plan for “Dreamers.”  The text of the framework is available here. Key parts of the plan include: a 10- to 12-year pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA-eligible individuals; $25-billion trust fund for a border wall; and,…

January 22, 2018

Senate Clears 17-Day CR

After agreeing to bring up a short-term continuing resolution (CR) earlier in the day that would end the three-day government shutdown, the Senate officially approved it this afternoon.  The 17-day measure would keep the government funded through Thursday, February 8.  The House is expected to take up the CR later today.

Agreement Reached on CR, Government Expected to Re-open

After a weekend and morning of negotiations among a bipartisan group of members, the Senate agreed today to move forward on a three-week continuing resolution (CR), which would fund the government through Thursday, February 8. Although it does not include a fix to the DACA, which was the cause of the shutdown, a commitment today…

January 20, 2018

Shut Down

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) held a procedural vote, known as a cloture vote, to end debate and move on to voting with the the four-week continuing resolution (CR) that the House passed earlier this week. After holding the vote open for over an hour, the measure failed to receive the 60 votes needed…

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