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Published: June 9, 2010

You earn more than a paycheck when you work or teach at the University of Washington. Come discover how to make the most of your UW employment by exploring The Resource—UWHR’s e-newsletter designed to keep you informed of offerings from across the University that help you make the most out of UW employment.


How am I Doing? Understanding and Achieving Your Long-Term Financial Goals
Get on the right track towards planning your future today. Learn how to determine your savings goals, bridge savings gaps, set financial goals, devise investment strategies that help you meet your goals, and organize your personal financial information. Access seminar and registration information for South Lake Union or Harborview.


Charting Your Course: A Financial Guide for Women
Do you feel confident managing your finances? This seminar focuses on issues of particular interest to women. Learn how to evaluate your financial health, set financial goals, and make your money work for you. Access seminar and registration information for South Lake Union or Harborview.


Tax-Smart Ways to Save and Invest
Are you paying too much in taxes? Learn to make “tax smart” choices so you can keep more of what you earn. Access seminar and registration information for South Lake Union or Harborview.


Moving Up: Buying Your Next Home
Are you ready to move up to a bigger home—perhaps even rent your existing home? In this free lunchtime seminar, you will learn ways to finance a new home before your existing home sells, and how to turn your home into rental property. Attend on July 7 at Health Sciences—presented by HomeStreet, our Hometown Home Loan Program partner. Access seminar information and registration.


Learning Doesn’t Stop Just Because It’s Summertime!
Enroll in a free lunchtime seminar to learn how to stretch and grow your savings, avoid identity theft, and approach life’s milestones with financial confidence. Representatives from School Employees Credit Union and Washington State Employees Credit Union will visit various campus locations to educate you about these topics. Access seminar and registration information.

  • Financial Yoga: Stretching Your Hard Earned Dollars
  • Identity Theft—When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name
  • Credit Reporting 101
  • Credit & Banking for Your High School Student
  • Life's Financial Milestones

PERS Plan Seminars
Make informed decisions about your retirement plan! If you are or soon will be participating in a Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) plan, consider attending one of these informational seminars presented by Department of Retirement Systems:

  • Choosing Between PERS Plan 2 and 3
  • Getting to Know PERS Plan 3
  • Withdrawing from PERS Plan 3

Access seminar and registration information.


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: First Signs and Beyond
Dr. Laura Baker provides a follow-up to her well-attended seminar about the first subtle signs of memory loss. This seminar will focus on the first and later symptoms associated with dementia, diagnosis, and treatment options. Access seminar and registration information for this June 17 noontime WorkLife seminar.


Back by Popular Demand—Alzheimer's Association and Senior Services Workshop
Co-sponsored by the UW Combined Fund Drive and UW WorkLife, Alzheimer's Association-Western and Central Washington Chapter and Senior Services will be on hand June 22 to share information about memory loss and available resources for caregivers and anyone affected by memory loss. Visit for more information and to register for this free workshop.


Working Parents
Most working parents have grown accustomed to managing the multiple responsibilities at work and at home— juggling the challenges of work and life. This online session will help parents learn to identify and set realistic boundaries between the two to help insure success at work and at home. Access seminar and registration information. Use UW for the company code.


Family Caregiver Network
When you visit your elderly parents this summer would you like to talk with them about their abilities to care for themselves? Are you wondering how to talk with them about your concerns in a way that they will listen?

Attend the Family Caregiver Network on June 29 and join the informal, confidential, guided discussions where caregivers can share their concerns and successes. Access event information, registration, and directions to the new location.


June is Men’s Health Month
Men—test your knowledge about men’s health issues and learn how to optimize your health. Women will find this information useful too! Read more.


Blood Pressure Screenings
As a service to the UW community, the Employee Health Center at Hall Health Center offers free blood pressure screenings to faculty and staff. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 206-685-1026. View more UWellness events.


UW CareLink
Are you anticipating having to deal with some difficult people at those summer gatherings—the uncle who drinks too much, the neighbors on political rants, the pointed questions and hurtful comments, or the "wild" children? Use UW CareLink counselors as coaches to provide you with new methods and strategies for dealing with these uncomfortable moments; call toll-free: 1-866-598-3978 (dial 9 first if calling from a campus phone) for all UW CareLink services.


Tip Sheet—Anger Management
Whatever triggers your anger, there are techniques for managing your response—the key is preparation and practice. This month’s Tip Sheet provides specific examples on how to prepare for situations and how to practice.


Eldercare Consultations
Eldercare Consultations will help you to assess your loved one’s present situation and provide you with information and resources tailored to your specific situation. To schedule an appointment, email


Tender Loving Care
Children aren’t supposed to get sniffles and coughs in the summer … but they do. The UW provides Tender Loving Care at Virginia Mason. TLC offers a warm and nurturing place to take your sick child while giving you the confidence that he or she will be well cared for while you work. The University of Washington underwrites the cost of TLC for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff. For more information, contact WorkLife at 206-543-6963 or visit the TLC webpage.


The Resource Center
Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, from The American Academy of Pediatrics, provides parents with a wealth of information written in a warm, accessible style. Guides to child development from birth to age five years describe what to expect in growth and behavior, practical information ranging from potential health problems to effective discipline and optimal nurturing, and age-appropriate toys and activities. Check out this and other books covering early child development from the WorkLife Resource Center’s Parenting Library. To request a book on loan, email WorkLife.

Career Development  

Summer Registration is Open
Registration is open for 30 POD classes. Now is your chance to check out new offerings, such as Grammar Essentials, Kaizen Fundamentals, and Conflict Management, and to register for classes typically offered just once a year, including Better Business Writing and Winning at Work. Access registration and course information via POD's online course catalog.


Leadership Event: Leveraging Systems Thinking
There's a direct correlation between how you think about a problem and the quality of the solution you apply. In this workshop for UW leaders, become familiar with core systems thinking concepts, learn how systems thinking can improve problem solving, and practice applying systems thinking to real-world issues at the UW. Access event information and registration.


Support Professionals Development Day
Step away from the office and focus on you—your personal growth as an individual and your professional development as a UW employee. Relax, reflect, and recharge as you attend workshops, connect with peers, and take a day for you! Register early to secure your spot at this popular event. Access event information and registration.


Hourly Career Counseling
What's next for you and your career? One-on-one career counseling can help you make the most of your strengths, prepare for a job search, or explore a new career path. Sessions are offered through Training and Organization Development Consultant Susan Templeton for $80 per one-hour career counseling session if paid with a UW budget number (with supervisor approval) or $92.48 if paid with cash, check, or credit card (due to a mandatory institutional overhead fee). Learn more about this service.


Models Wanted
Would you like to appear on the new SafeCampus poster? UW’s Violence Prevention & Response Program (VPRP) will be launching new materials this summer that will again feature an array of UW students, faculty, and staff, and further reinforce that “preventing violence is everyone’s responsibility.” View the current SafeCampus public information campaign.

Photos for the new poster and related materials will be taken by a professional photographer this summer. If you’re interested in participating in this important project, complete this Catalyst survey by June 16.


Take a Break
Get outside and enjoy our University’s beautiful campus; there is so much to explore workdays or weekends. The University’s Waterfront Activity Center, the Northwest Horticultural Society, or the UWMC Surgery Pavilion are good starting points. Walla Walla Lane, Walla Walla Road, and the Waterfront Trail provide pleasant walkways with interesting sights along the way … just perfect for a workday picnic, a family hike and picnic on summer evenings or weekends, or a ramble just because.


UW Discounts provide a splendid array of options, from special gifts for grand occasions to day-to-day discounts to cinema and great theater productions, and so much more . . . check out UW Discounts.


Meaningful recognition is G.R.E.A.T. recognition—Genuine, Respectful, Encouraging, Accurate, Timely. Check out no cost/low cost ideas that say ‘Thank You’ and make recognition G.R.E.A.T.

Fact or Fiction  

FACT OR FICTION: The HUB Pagliacci pizza shop is closing.
Fact. It is closing, but happily, it is reopening at Eleven 01 Café in Terry Hall in early fall 2010! Pagliacci's last day in the HUB is June 30.


FACT OR FICTION: UW librarians rock!
Fact. UW Information School's Sarah Wachter created a video which has received over 400,000 hits on YouTube. In it, iSchool students, grad students, faculty, and library staff perform a parody of the Lady Gaga song Pokerface. Check out the story behind the Lady Gaga parody video at You can also find the actual video on by searching for "Librarians Do Gaga."


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