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WorkLife Events

Special Series on Eldercare

All sessions are held in the UW Tower Auditorium from noon to 1 p.m. The seminars are free, but please register for each session you plan to attend. Follow the links below to register.

UW CareLink presents a special series of workshops on eldercare. The focus of the four sessions is on finding the best quality of life for your loved one and helping them with compassion and understanding as they age. Please join us for one or all of the seminars, and feel free to bring your lunch!

Mary Lynn Pannen will present. Mary Lynn, with UW CareLink and Sound Options, is a national expert in geriatric care management and home care. She is a speaker and advisor on both the local and national level. She has worked as an RN and certified care manager, and has extensive experience advocating for patients and families.

Life Essentials: Determining Your Elders' Needs - Friday, March 6

Are you noticing changes in your aging loved one? To help them maintain a high quality of life, we must assess their changing needs. This seminar helps you understand what to look for in the day-to-day functioning of your loved one, red flags that may indicate it's time to seek help, and different care options that are available to your family.

Register for Life Essentials.

Breaking the Ice: Difficult Family Conversations - Thursday, March 26

Touchy topics with an aging parent can be challenging. Learn tips for navigating family dynamics and conducting family meetings. Whether you are planning for eldercare in the future or managing a current crisis, you will learn how to become an excellent listener, engage in difficult conversations, and address major concerns.

Register for Breaking the Ice.

Dementia Demystified: Alzheimer's and Other Dementias - Wednesday, April 8

More than 5 million Americans experience Alzheimer's disease. Someone develops it every 68 seconds. It's time to learn the signs, symptoms, and stages. This session helps you understand the difficult behaviors associated with the condition and equips you with tools to manage it.

Register for Dementia Demystified.

On Your Behalf: Advance Directives and Planning Tools - Tuesday, April 28

Living wills, durable power of attorney, advance directives, POLST forms. The legal side of eldercare is complicated. If something were to happen to your aging loved one, would you know what to do? Learn about these important documents and processes as you plan for your loved one's future, and your own.

Register for On Your Behalf.

Spring Seminars

All sessions are held in the UW Tower Auditorium. The seminars are free, but please register for each session you plan to attend. Follow the links below to register. Please join us for one or all three of the seminars, and feel free to bring your lunch!

Emotional Intelligence for Success - Thursday, May 7, Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Being aware of our own emotional intelligence, known as EQ, has benefits at home and at work. When we recognize the feelings of family members and coworkers and respond in balanced, rational ways, our relationships and collaborations improve. Learn about new brain research on emotions and the battle between the emotional and the thinking brain. You’ll learn that:

Register for Emotional Intelligence for Success

Presented by Althea Brandis, MA, LMHC. Althea has worked as a counselor with both individuals and couples for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the areas of personal growth, relationship issues, depression, and trauma.

Managing Stress and Remaining Resilient - Thursday, May 21, Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Life contains adversities: inevitable daily hassles or unexpected major setbacks. What makes some people more resilient, allowing them to adapt and persevere, while others are reactive and stressed? Learn from an interactive discussion that explores how to rearrange your work-life priorities and create balance for yourself. During this one and a half-hour session you will:

Register for Managing Stress and Remaining Resilient

Presented by Sue Covey, MSW. Sue has over 30 years’ experience in the counseling field. She has conducted numerous workshops and training programs related to stress management and building resiliency.

A Personal Guide to Effectively Managing Life Changes at Home & Work - Thursday, June 18, Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Change is part of life. Yet many of us resist it or find it triggers uncomfortable feelings of loss, disorientation, and lack of control. We go into survival mode which can negatively impact our relationships and physical health. Learn to understand your personal triggers to change, and learn strategies to navigate it, whether it’s a new job, new baby, family illness, or divorce. With awareness and conscious choices we can adjust quickly to new conditions, change our direction if required, and incorporate every life event more smoothly into our lives. You’ll:

Register for A Personal Guide to Effectively Managing Life Changes at Home & Work

Presented by Alex Smith, LMHC, CEAP. Alex is a licensed mental health counselor and certified employee assistance professional. His experience includes over 20 years in the employee assistance program field providing counseling, training, consultation, and critical incident management services.