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UW CareLink Publications
Faculty & Staff Assistance Program


Newsletter for Faculty and Staff—Last 4 issues

Volume 14, Issue 2: Available in English and En Español

Volume 14, Issue 1: Available in English

Volume 13, Issue 4: Available in English and En Español

Volume 13, Issue 3: Available in English and En Español


Newsletter for Managers & Supervisors—Last 4 issues

Tip Sheets

The following UW CareLink tip sheets provide suggestions and solutions to address individual issues common to most employees.

For more tips, go to the APS HelpLink online toolkit. Here you will find tools to help with a wide variety of behavioral, health, financial, legal, and work issues. Use "UW" as the company code at the log-in screen: APS HelpLink.

UW CareLink Services are provided by APS HEALTHCARE—a comprehensive faculty and staff assistance program.

UW CareLink Topics