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Leveraging Systems Thinking (V0260)

There's a direct correlation between how you think about a given problem and the quality of the solution you apply. You’ve probably learned from experience that when you rush to solve problems, you can overlook the relationships between contributing factors and inadequately test your assumptions. And all too often, the "fixes" you implement fail.
Systems thinking provides a language and set of tools meant to shed light on our thinking about how the systems we are part of actually operate. A systems approach recognizes the interdependence of all elements within and outside an organization and gives you and your department a fresh way to manage the complexities of the challenges you face.
In this half-day workshop, participants:

  • Become familiar with core systems thinking concepts and language.
  • Understand how systems thinking can improve problem solving and encourage discovery.
  • Through group discussion, practice applying systems thinking to real-world issues at the UW.

Take a chance to think outside your box—your usual viewpoint or fallback framework—and employ a systems approach to improve problem-solving and enhance organizational effectiveness.

NOTE: Participants will be asked to prepare for the class by bringing a work issue they’re dealing with and are willing to share with the class.

Instructor: Dee Endelman

Course Fee: TBD


  • Not Currently Offered