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Haiti Earthquake Relief

Giving Opportunities

Survivors of the earthquake in Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world, are in desperate need of aid. Many charities working to assist Haiti during this devastating crisis are part of the UW Combined Fund Drive. Make a one-time gift or set up ongoing payroll deductions online by visiting the Make a Donation page. Choose your charity and designate “Haiti Earthquake Relief.”

Volunteering and Leave Use FAQs

UW staff often want to know how they can best help in disaster relief and recovery efforts. International relief agencies are reporting that donations of money for first aid and humanitarian supplies are most needed over the next few days. As the situation stabilizes, volunteers from many fields of expertise will be needed. The following FAQs provide information for UW staff who may request leave to support international disaster relief.

Q. I would like to volunteer in the Haiti earthquake relief effort. What leave policy applies?
A. As with other requests for time off work, your department must approve your leave to serve as a volunteer. Such time is charged to accrued annual leave and/or leave without pay if the time off exceeds your accrued annual leave balance.

Since your department will need to consider your request for time off in the context of its overall staffing requirements, discuss your potential plans as soon as you have specific information regarding your proposal.

Note: if you are a registered member of a Federal International Medical and Surgical Urban Response Team or a Disaster Medical Assistance Team, other policies may apply. Contact your unit’s Human Resources Consultant for assistance.

Q: Can I help by donating accrued annual or sick leave through the Shared Leave Program?
A. The shared leave program allows employees to donate paid leave to help support other state employees who are seriously ill or caring for seriously ill family members, on active military duty, or are an "approved emergency worker” volunteering for service when there is a federal or state government state of emergency declaration within the United States. A state employee who has to take leave to care for a seriously injured or ill family member in Haiti could be eligible to receive shared leave donations. Any UW employee who volunteers to assist in Haiti would not be eligible to receive shared leave donations because the disaster is outside the United States.

Learn more about the shared leave program.

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Campus Resources

UW CareLink – The UW employee assistance program is available for group debriefing for faculty, staff, and students. For faculty and staff who need further support, individual sessions with providers trained specifically in natural disaster mental health counseling are also available.

For an appointment, or to access services, call toll free: 1-866-598-3978, or contact WorkLife for more information: 543-6963 or

Hall Health - The Mental Health Clinic at Hall Health Primary Care Center provides services to students, faculty, and staff. Clinic staff are trained to deliver counseling for post-traumatic stress disorders, crisis, and grief counseling, along with other treatment modalities. Clients should call 543-5030 or go to the Hall Health website for more info.

Emergency Preparedness

Have you taken the necessary steps to prepare for an emergency at work or home? See the Office of Emergency Management's "How to Prepare for an Emergency" web page.

Find more ways to give on the UW’s Global Affairs website.