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AI tools and academic integrity

Dear UW Student,

I hope that you are having a successful start to the academic year.

Amid ongoing national conversations across higher education regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools, I am writing to share resources and the University’s expectations regarding AI tools and academic integrity.

At the UW, we view academic integrity as a commitment to the values of honesty, trust and responsibility. Academic integrity is at the heart of what makes us Huskies — it’s not just a set of rules, but a way of life that we carry with us as we journey through our academic pursuits. UW students are expected to practice high standards of academic and professional integrity.

It is important to know and understand the expectations of the University and your instructors regarding academic standards. This is especially relevant to the use of technology and online resources available today.

AI content generators, such as ChatGPT, present opportunities that can contribute to your learning and academic work. However, using these technologies without your instructor’s permission may violate academic standards of the University. Under the Student Conduct Code, cheating includes the unauthorized use of assistance, including technology, in completing assignments or exams. While some instructors may encourage you to utilize technology to enhance your learning experience, other instructors may require that you do your own work without seeking outside help.

We ask that you take these steps:

  • Read the syllabus for each course you take so that you understand the particular expectations of each of your instructors.
  • If you are unsure of expectations, ask for clarification before you use specific resources in completing assignments or exams.
  • Review the Student Conduct Code and the two companion policies, Student Governance policies Chapter 209 and Chapter 210. If you have questions, please contact Community Standards & Student Conduct.

The UW is committed to helping students realize their potential at the University and beyond. If you need support, we have many academic support programs and UW Libraries services available such as writing tools and services, citation resources, digital scholarship tools and support and 24/7 chat with a librarian.

At the UW, we promote access to excellence and strive to inspire through education that emphasizes the power of discovery and the foundation of critical and analytic thinking.

You are part of a community of students, researchers, faculty and staff who bring their unique ideas and perspectives to learning, discovering and building solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Be a part of the impact of innovation and academic integrity at the UW.


Denzil J. Suite
Vice President for Student Life