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November 22, 2017

Reflections on gratitude from your fellow Huskies

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November can be tough. Between the early darkness of Daylight Savings Time, seemingly endless midterms, and Seattle’s ever-present rain, it’s a point in Fall Quarter when it’s easy to get stressed out, overwhelmed, or just a little down, so it seemed like time for a little positivity. With Thanksgiving coming up, I decided it was the perfect chance to ask some Huskies just what they were grateful for this year. The answer? Mostly, their fellow Huskies.


Read on to hear what your classmates and peers are thankful for this fall—it might just brighten your day.

“I’m really grateful to have friends that support me; they’re family in their own right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to see my family/extended family over the Thanksgiving weekend, but my friends are the ones who support me on a daily basis, and I’m not sure where I’d be without them.”

– Annie G., Computer Science, Class of 2019


“I’m thankful for all of the amazing opportunities the University of Washington has provided me, and the opportunity to be receiving a college education.”

– Chandler S., Communications and Sales, Class of 2018


“This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the time and opportunities I have to be surrounded by friends who support me and make me feel taken care of even when I’m away from home.”

– Andrea V., Biochem, Class of 2019


“I’m thankful for being blessed with such an amazing family and friends, and overall support system. I am also grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by people and an institution that celebrate diversity, promote social activism, and embody what it means to be a Husky: we’re boundless.”

– LJ C., Public Health, Class of 2019


“I’m grateful that I am surrounded by people who constantly support and push me to be my best self.”

– Catherine P., Biochem, Class of 2020


“I’m thankful that I’m able to go to such a great university. I know that this is a rare opportunity for most people in the world, and I’m so grateful that I get to receive a higher education. Also, I’m thankful for my friends for accepting me into their hearts so quickly, and making this place (and my sorority) feel like home.”

– Sasha G., Business Administration, Class of 2021


“I think I’m most thankful for parents that care about me so much that they are willing to do as much as they can to put me through the college that wasn’t the least expensive, but will be the best in helping me in the future.”

– Jack N., Business Administration, Class of 2021


“There are so many things to be grateful for today. I’m grateful I get to wake up every day and pursue a dream I’ve always wanted to. I’m grateful I have such a loving family and amazing friends. But above all I’m grateful for my Dixon Ticonderoga Number 2 pencil which has always supported me without fail through thick and thin.”

– Cody B., Political Science, Class of 2019


“My bae.”

– Steven F., Community, Environment, and Planning, Class of 2018


“I’m thankful for the love and support from my family and friends! I’m also grateful for the community that I am surrounded here at UW, which continues to motivate, challenge, and inspire me to live my best life. There’s something sweet about life in our early twenties specifically in university, the ability to have freedom and independence to explore different possibilities. That is something I will forever be grateful for!”

– Teresa C., Business Administration, Class of 2018


“There’s a lot of things I’m grateful for, like my loving family,  supportive friends, and wool socks. But above all, this year I am most grateful for the state of mind I am currently in. I preach the importance of self-love all the time, but it hasn’t been until recently that I truly felt my own self confidence. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me, but right now, I feel pretty darn good.”

– Honie M., Informatics, Class of 2019


“I am thankful for Chem 142, because if I passed it I would’ve never been able to get a chance to experience all the electives in the bachelor of arts of public health. I’m also thankful for Costco because it gave me family time and hot dogs.”

– Erin H., Public Health, Class of 2020


“I am thankful for many things and many people but I am truly thankful for the relationships I have built at UW and in the Seattle community. They are the most supportive and welcoming people and I am forever thankful for their generosity and kindness. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself and when I get there, they push me to be better and do better and I couldn’t be more thankful for their encouragement.”

– Alyssa E., Education, Communities, and Organizations, Class of 2019


“I’m thankful for my family and all the support they have given me throughout my life. They’ve been there to comfort me when I’m down and congratulate me when they’re proud of the things I’ve done. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my family being there for me.”

– Evan E., Electrical Engineering, 2021

Amid a million deadlines and finals looming next month, don’t forget to take a moment to remember everything you appreciate in life. After all, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

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