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  • Supporting UW scholars experiencing targeted harassment

    June 20, 2024

    UW scholars who are being targeted for harassment because of what they research, publish or say in the classroom may feel rightly anxious and overwhelmed. The online harassment can seem to come from nowhere and feel personal, even threatening. However, there are proven ways to outsmart harassers and help protect each other. UW Professor Monica…

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  • Inside UW Alert and UW Advisory messages

    May 8, 2024

    In the past few months, the University of Washington has added more than 47,000 student phone numbers to the UW Alert system, so that more people will receive a text message when an emergency happens on or near campus in Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma. If you are one of those students, welcome! With so many…

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  • Update on activities on May 7

    May 7, 2024

    The University is tracking multiple events scheduled to take place this evening that have the potential to cause additional noise and disruptions, particularly in the central part of the Seattle campus near the Husky Union Building, The Quad and the light rail station at Husky Stadium. Our priority is the safety and security of our…

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  • Update on tent encampments in the Quad

    May 1, 2024

    UW’s Division of Campus Community Safety, University of Washington Police Department, Student Life and University leadership are closely monitoring the encampment established in part of the Seattle campus Quad. In addressing the encampment, we will maintain our approach of a flexible, measured and appropriate response that addresses the circumstances of each situation. We will continue…

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  • Dedicated outreach at UW for people experiencing homelessness

    January 25, 2024

    Meet Samya Murthy, REACH UW Outreach Coordinator Seattle has for several years now been facing a deep crisis of unsheltered homelessness. The UW campus in Seattle has not been immune. This past October, UW started a contract with REACH to provide a dedicated outreach worker at the UW Seattle campus with a goal to build…

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  • Enhancing campus safety: UW Alert text messages soon to reach more students

    January 3, 2024

    When you’re walking across campus, you’re probably not pausing to check your email. But right now, email is the only way most UW students receive time-sensitive information about emergencies happening on and near UW’s campuses. To make it easier for students to receive UW Alerts via text, at the end of January UW will start…

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  • Get ready for winter weather

    December 14, 2023

    Although the National Weather Service predicts the Seattle area will experience a warmer winter this year, it’s still smart to be prepared for cold weather. Typically, UW campuses see snow and ice in December and January and a bit into February. Here are a few things to know in advance. It’s snowing! How can I…

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  • Great ShakeOut earthquake drill Oct. 19: Learn how to protect yourself in an earthquake

    October 9, 2023

    Life in the Pacific Northwest comes with two certainties: you’re going to need a good raincoat, and it’s only a matter of time before the next earthquake. Maybe even a double earthquake. Earthquakes, like the 4.3 magnitude earthquake we had on Sunday, occur nearly every day in Washington, according to the Washington State Department of…

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  • New Title IX Reporting Form

    October 5, 2023

    All UW staff, faculty and students are encouraged to share concerns related to sex- and gender-based violence, harassment and discrimination through the new online Title IX reporting form. Starting this quarter, reports or consultations that previously would have been directed to SafeCampus will instead be directed to the Office of the Title IX Coordinator. Individuals…

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  • Safety on campus: Huskies watch out for each other

    September 25, 2023

    As more than 100,000 University of Washington students and employees prepare for the start of the academic year in Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell, we know our greatest strength is the self-confidence and community bonds people build over the course of the year. Huskies watch out for each other. We do that by asking for help…

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  • Welcoming new UW Emergency Management Director Kelley Biastock

    September 14, 2023

    UW’s Division of Campus Community Safety, which includes SafeCampus, the University of Washington Police Department and UW Emergency Management, is excited to welcome Kelley Biastock as the new Director of UW Emergency Management. Kelley is responsible for working with the greater University communities to plan and prepare for crises, disasters and major emergency incidents, particularly…

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  • Working together to make UW safer - Year 1

    June 16, 2023

    With commencement season comes the end of the first academic year of the UW’s Division of Campus Community Safety. This means it’s time to reflect on what we learned this past year and where the lessons point us for the summer and coming year. As a reminder, the Division of Campus Community Safety was established…

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  • Cheap, potent and deadly - the challenges of the fentanyl epidemic

    May 9, 2023

    Two people every day. In King County, fentanyl-involved overdoses kill two people in our community every day. Nationwide, fentanyl is involved in more deaths of Americans under 50 than any cause of death, including heart disease, cancer, homicide, suicide and other accidents. Five people died on the University of Washington campus in Seattle during the…

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  • Partnering to improve safety north of 45th Street

    April 26, 2023

    On a rainy Thursday night, more than 50 students and City of Seattle department leaders went for a walk together in the neighborhood north of the Seattle campus to talk about safety issues. The walk, spearheaded by leaders of the Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Councils, included presidents of most University of Washington fraternities and sororities, other…

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  • Additional overnight security coming to Seattle campus

    March 27, 2023

    In the past few months, students, faculty and staff have reported concerns about personal safety on the Seattle campus at night. These issues center heavily on the Central Plaza Garage (CPG), but also include other parking areas and buildings. Unfortunately, like in other parts of Seattle, these reports describe encountering people displaying disruptive — sometimes…

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  • Steve Charvat, UW’s first emergency management director, stepping down

    January 10, 2023

    Steve Charvat’s arrival at the University of Washington as Director of Emergency Management in 2003 brought with it many firsts. Coming to the UW after serving as deputy emergency director in Washington, D.C. — on the heels of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and anthrax scares — Charvat was asked to build an emergency management program…

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  • Safety tips for the new quarter

    January 5, 2023

    Welcome back to winter quarter, Huskies. Welcome back to classrooms and labs, lectures, bus and train commutes, locking up your bike, walking across campuses in the dark, watching for snow and ice, and thinking about spring. We have a few Top of the Quarter Tips for you. Some of these may seem basic, but sometimes…

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  • Campus & Community Safety conversation with UW Parent & Family Programs

    November 3, 2022

    On Nov. 1, University of Washington Parent & Family Programs hosted a virtual discussion for UW families on campus and community safety, and you can view a recording of that conversation in this post.

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  • Developing smoke and heat guidance for UW locations

    October 27, 2022

    It’s wet and gray the way later October is supposed to be, but just a few days ago most of Western Washington was struggling with what at certain moments topped the “World’s Worst Air Quality” lists. Unfortunately, wildfire smoke has become a standard late summer, early fall phenomenon for all three campuses. In addition, we’ve…

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  • Additional actions the UW and our partners are taking to improve U District safety

    October 7, 2022

    As we close out the first full week of the quarter and mark just less than a week since the shootings in the University District, I want to provide a brief update on actions since last Sunday morning.

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  • Update on the UW’s response to violence in the U District

    October 4, 2022

    Last weekend’s violence in the University District has raised important and urgent questions from students, their parents, faculty and staff about safety in the neighborhood. While we have been focused on providing support to the students who were directly involved in last weekend's incidents, we have also been in frequent communication with City Hall, Seattle…

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  • Advancing safety at UW, in the community and beyond

    September 27, 2022

    Sept. 27, 2022 UW News sat down with Vice President for Campus & Community Safety Sally Clark to talk about how campus leaders are prioritizing the effort to reimagine safety across the university. Read the interview to learn more.

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  • Campus Community Safety Report to the Community

    August 1, 2022

    August 1, 2022 After six months of conversations, research and feedback gathering, Campus Community Safety Project members have compiled recommendations and next steps to charter a new Division of Campus Community Safety. This division will be the new home for first-line safety units, including UW Emergency Management, SafeCampus and UW Police (Seattle campus) beginning September…

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  • May 2022 update

    May 31, 2022

    This month project leadership continued to refine the proposed organizational chart for the new Division of Campus Community Safety. Much of the head-scratching had to do with how the new division’s administrative functions should look in light of the UW’s Finance Transformation project. In practical terms, UWFT means some finance-related jobs at the UW will…

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  • April 2022 update

    April 29, 2022

    Though largely unseen by the greater campus community, the UW’s three campuses and UW Medicine undertake continuous planning and training for how to react, operate and recover if disaster — natural, structural or human-prompted — strikes. Much of this work is defined by federal and state policies and reflected in the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.…

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  • March 2022 update

    March 31, 2022

    Throughout March, we have continued sketching models for how to move units from their existing “homes” in the University’s organizational structure to the future Division of Campus Community Safety. We also launched the search for a new UW Police Department leader. When not drafting, erasing and re-drawing org chart boxes or tracking down job codes,…

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  • February 2022 update

    February 28, 2022

    After the initial two months of work reimagining and reorganizing, a couple of questions come up regarding the latter: “Why move SafeCampus into the new Division of Campus Community Safety? How will that improve outcomes?” Better outcomes for students, staff and faculty will need to be proven year after year (we’ll talk metrics in future…

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  • January 2022 update

    January 31, 2022

    After a formal launch by President Cauce in December, the University of Washington’s rethinking of expectations and approaches to safety services for people and places is underway. This work is the result of years of listening sessions and dialogue about both the decentralized way the University approaches safety-related programs and policing, and it takes place…

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