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May 2022 update

This month project leadership continued to refine the proposed organizational chart for the new Division of Campus Community Safety. Much of the head-scratching had to do with how the new division’s administrative functions should look in light of the UW’s Finance Transformation project. In practical terms, UWFT means some finance-related jobs at the UW will change and staff may be moved around. Aligning the new division’s finance functions with this model now — a year ahead of the rest of campus — should allow for a smoother transition for the division as a whole.

Additionally, project leadership continued to conduct interviews with other universities that are undertaking reimagining and reorganizing work on their campuses. This month we had conversations with staff at Portland State University and the University of Michigan. The settings and strengths of schools may be different across the country, but the focus on anti-racism; developing effective on-call interventions for people in behavioral health crisis; and creating communities grounded in belonging run through most of the efforts.

In step with interest across all three campuses, the UW Office of the President has approved Phase I funding for developing proposals for effective, unarmed responses for people in behavioral health crisis, starting with the Seattle campus. Combined with support from the U District Partnership, this funding will get the project moving forward with students (through the Evans Policy Innovation Collaborative) undertaking research and interviews to build an understanding of current needs and services in the Seattle campus area and what’s working in other cities. Stay tuned for updates. If you would like to get involved, please use the comment form below and include your contact information.