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About Us


Like the University of Washington as a whole, the Division of Campus Community Safety values Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, Respect.

  • Integrity: Because our work can involve sensitive situations and community members in crisis, we hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards. We are transparent with the UW community about our progress through regular reporting and community conversations.
  • Diversity: We recognize that conversations about safety have too often centered particular groups. It is paramount that our work considers what a safer campus looks like for all of our community.
  • Excellence: The greater UW campus community is counting on us to anticipate, prevent and respond to a wide variety of safety concerns. Our staff are highly trained and we regularly evaluate our processes against current public safety scholarship and practices.
  • Collaboration: Our division was created through conversations with many university units and community stakeholders. We strive to keep an open dialogue and appreciate our community’s feedback.
  • Innovation: We seek to be on the cutting edge of campus safety practices and procedures.
  • Respect: Through meaningful interactions and consistent service, we hope to earn our community’s respect and trust.


The UW is a place where a diverse student body, staff, faculty and visitors feel safe being their authentic selves; feel prepared for and supported during times of crisis; and feel connected to a wider learning community.


The Division of Campus Community Safety seeks to prevent crises, respond to emergencies and build a resilient greater UW community through innovative interventions, highly trained staff, forward-looking planning and training, meaningful metrics, and collaboration.