Professional Staff Organization


BIPOC Staff Mentorship Program


  • M – Make new connections and meet other colleagues
  • E – Empower professional staff
  • N – Network, network, network!
  • T – Teach others about your career & life experiences
  • O – Open yourself to new perspectives; Offer new perspectives (advancement & change)
  • R – Reinvent and Revitalize your career
  • S – Share knowledge and learn from other colleagues’ experiences

The BIPOC Mentorship Program Objectives:

  • Develop strategies to achieve effective allyship
  • Demonstrate the importance of representation in professional spaces
  • Build community and create a sense of belonging for BIPOC staff as well as opportunities to be vulnerable, share challenges, and offer a direct roadmap to improve professional trajectories
  • A resource for BIPOC to receive guidance and vetted advice from mentors
  • Scale to incorporate UW staff of all levels and potentially reach out to BIPOC professionals and faculty from other universities in the future to widen reach

Program Overview:

The BIPOC Staff Mentorship Program is a pilot project that has been introduced by the Professional Staff Organization DEI Committee and will be funded by the Diversity Seed Grant for the 2023-2024 academic year with a goal to increase representation and create career opportunities.

This program will provide BIPOC Staff with the structural support necessary to develop professional skills to advance their careers and build community over several months through individualized mentorship from University of Washington BIPOC leaders. Mentees will be matched with mentors according to their career goals and interests while engaging with course curriculum to hone their leadership abilities and network with colleagues across the University of Washington Tri-Campus community.

Identity preferences will be considered throughout the mentee/mentor matching process but are not guaranteed. This pilot program is intended to scale beyond the Professional Staff community to serve students, faculty, and classified staff in the future with the goal of expanding to other higher education institutions.  

Participants will be paired in cohorts of 2:1 mentor and have the option of connecting virtually or in-person. The anticipated program launch time will be in Spring 2024 with a completion date of October 2024.

Prospective Launch Date: March 2024

Interested? We’re currently looking for Mentors and Mentees for the Spring 2024 Pilot Program.

If you want to preview the short-answer application questions, click on the below preview links. Once you’re ready to submit your answers, click on the Microsoft Form links. 

Mentee Short-Answer Application Questions (Preview)

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Questions? Please email us at:

Applications Closed on Monday, February 5, 2024 at 11:59pm PT