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In early 2016, PSO amassed a group of professional peers with a charge to explore the rising trend of employer sponsored paid family leave and the potential for implementation at the UW. The following resources outline the findings and recommendations of the Paid Family Leave Advisory Committee (PFLAC). In summary, PFLAC made these key assessments:

  • More could be done clarify and implement an improved approach to family leave planning within existing structures;
  • The UW policy restricting use of only 10 sick days during the parental leave period should be expanded;
  • With the focus on improving health outcomes globally, the UW ought to take a leadership role in improving the lives of its staff by implementing paid family leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Why does this report only discuss paid leave for professional staff?

This temporary advisory group was formed by the PSO which represents professional staff at the UW. With only 6 months (6 meetings) to create this report, it was decided by the group to narrow the scope of the work to only focus on professional staff.

2. What is happening now that the report and presentation have been completed?

The co-chairs of the committee and the PSO met with UW Human Resources to review their findings and explore potential opportunities to:

  • Update UW policies for use of sick leave during parental leave
  • Improve communications regarding leave use for new parents

If you have questions or wish to learn more about continuing efforts in this arena, please contact the PSO board at