Professional Staff Organization

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2018-2019 Officers

President - Annette Anderson

Curriculum Development Director, Academic Affairs, UWB
Box 358522

Vice-President - Emily Allen

Managing Director -START Center
SOM: Global Health: Walson
Box 359909
Emily Allen is currently the START Center Managing Director in the Department of Global Health (DGH). Although new to the PSO, Emily brings an infectious enthusiasm for cultivating a positive, productive, and successful staff environment at the University. In DGH, she helped launch and co-chair a staff leadership group, bringing together 31 staff leaders from across the department to knowledge share and serve as an advisory entity the Chair and leadership. Prior to joining DGH in 2012, she served 27 months working and living in rural Belize with the United States Peace Corps. Emily also spent her first 17 years living outside of the United States, in England, Italy, and Germany. She holds both a bachelor’s (Economics) and master’s degree ( MPA, Evans School) from the University of Washington. My UW pride runs deep. Go Dawgs!

Treasurer - Jennifer Payne

Management and Organization at Foster School of Business
Box 353226

This is my 14th year at the UW, 3rd year on the PSO, and my first year as the PSO Treasurer. I am really excited about continuing to serve and the PSO and think the initiatives this year will really engage and energize the UW’s Professional Staff.

Secretary - Betty Lanman

Betty Lanman
Betty Lanman
Assistant to the Director
SOM: Radiology: Shuman Admin
Box 357115

Past President - John Carroll

John Carroll
Manager, Central and Southwest Maintenance Zones, Facilities Services
Box 355630
Since joining the PSO board, I’ve seen firsthand the positive changes that occur when dedicated, caring people volunteer their time to make a difference. As president, I’m excited and energized to be part of something larger than myself, and to work with a board that is forward thinking and results oriented. My work in Facilities Services has allowed me to connect to the UW community on many different levels, and the PSO has allowed me to grow those connections into professional relationships. I believe in the power of change, and I believe we all have the ability to affect change in a positive way.

Board of Directors

Bryan Crockett

Bryan Crocket
Director of Academic Services ENG: Electrical Engineering-Kirschen Lab
Term: 2017-2019
Box 352500

Karyn Crow

Karyn Crow
Program Operations Specialist SOM: Surgery: Clinical Programs: Trauma, Burn and Critical Care: Trauma
Term: 2017-2019
Box 359796
I have enjoyed working for the School of Medicine for the last two years. Working on the board gives me the opportnity to be a part of making a healthy environment for staff and faculty.

Jennifer Davison

Program Director CO: CoMotion Urban
Term: 2018-2020
Box 351267
I have been a professional staff member of UW since 2010, when I joined the College of the Environment and founded their science communication program. I currently direct Urban@UW, a cross-disciplinary, community-engaged research center connecting people who study cites with each other and with those who care about and make decisions about cities. during the 2017-8 and 2018-9 academic years I am also co-chairing UW’s Carnegie Community Engagement Classification self-assessment for the Seattle campus. As a Board member of the PSO I am excited to connect professional staff to resources, ideas, and people that collectively make UW a fulfilling and productive place to work, and to advocate for the role and value of professional staff across our campus.

Andrew Flannery

Andrew Flannery
Administrator-Program Operations SOM: Pathology: CPDx/CDL
Term: 2017-2019
Box 356100

Linda Hornung

Customer Relationship Manager, UW InformationTechnology
Term: 2018-2020
Box 359540
Linda Hornung is a Customer Relationship Manager in UW-IT working with campus units on complex projects involving central IT services. She has worked on the Seattle UW campus since 1980.

Hornung is Chair of the PSO Board’s Communications Committee.

Marissa Ingalls

State Relations Associate, EXT: External Affairs State Relations
Term: 2018-2020
Box 351244
I look forward to serving UW professional staff as a member of the PSO board.

Aaron Morello

Research Scientist/Engineer 3
ENV: OCN: Chem Lab Auxiliary Operation
Term: 2017-2019
Box 355351

Aaron Morello has been an oceanographer in UW’s Marine Chemistry Laboratory since February 1998. He has served on the PSO board of directors from 2008-2012, and is also the PSO representative on the UWRP/VIP Fund Review Committee. Morello earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Western Washington University in the spring of 1995.

Leah Panganiban

Leah Panganiban
Academic Services Program Manager, CO: CoMotion GIX Academic Services
Term: 2017-2019
Box 354950

Larry Pierce

UWMC Department of Radiology
Term: 2018-2020
Box 357987

Larry Pierce has been a Research Scientist in the UWMC Department of Radiology since 2008. Larry graduated with a degree in mathematics from Oregon State University the same year. Larry enjoys volunteer work and developing communication skills for himself and others

Leyla Salmassi

Sales Manager, Conference Services, SL: HFS SFS: Conference Services
Term: 2018-2020
Box 357987

Having been a student life professional on campus for several decades, I am thrilled to be in a position where I am able to contribute directly to the Professional Staff community on campus. I am passionate about creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus community for all.

Wendy Star

Administrator (E S 10), SOM: Immunology
Term: 2018-2020
Box 358059

Martha Tran

Senior Program Manager and Communications Specialist, First Year Programs
Term 2018-2020
Box 352803

As a proud alum and now a professional staff member of the UW, I have seen the hard work and dedication that professional staff does on a daily basis to make this institution outstanding. I am excited to give back to this community of professional staff by serving as an advocate and representative. Personally, I am very interested in developing a deeper understanding of institutional systems and university governance. Through communication and education, I hope to help professional staff find connections and community with one another. When I am not working, I can found be found running around Seattle and doing local races. Ask me about my favorite place to run!

Aileen Trilles

Human Resources, College of Engineering
Term: 2018-2020

Aileen has served the University in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and now in her current role at APL. As a recipient of PSO scholarships, she is thankful, eager and excited to give back to the professional staff community. She is interested in building adaptive leadership and collaborative practices within our organization by leading and supporting change that is sustainable. Aileen looks forward to serving as an advocate and representative for this community and cultivating a deeper understanding of institutional systems and university governance.

Matt Weatherford

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
Term: 2018-2020
Box 353412

Matt Weatherford is a software engineer at the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology where he runs a large remote-access computing facility which supports social science research. As a regular transit user, Matt is passionate about transportation issues and is enthusiastic about infrastructure investments supporting transit, pedestrian, and bicycle mode shares. He has worked on the UW campus since 2002 and is a UW graduate from the Computer Science department.

Tim Zastrow

Clinical Informatics Analyst EpicCare, UW MED: MCSS – UWMITS CIS
Term: 2017-2019
Box 359968

I have worked in higher education for over 10 years and for the UW in the School of Medicine for almost 3 years. As a PSO board member, I hope to utilize by skills as a human resources professional, while trying to make the work environment better for my fellow professional staff members.

Maria Zontine

Department of Radiation Oncology
Term: 2016-2018
Box 358220

I have worked in higher education for over 15 years and for the UW in the School of Medicine for almost 5 years. As a PSO board member, I hope to utilize by skills as a human resources professional, while trying to make the work environment better for my fellow professional staff members.