Professional Staff Organization

History of the PSO

The Professional Staff Organization (PSO) was founded in 1990 as a result of an identified need for better professional staff representation on campus and in Olympia. Since its early years, PSO has lobbied in Olympia and has helped secure higher salaries for professional staff. On campus, PSO has worked closely with the President’s office and Human Resources to ensure the interests of professional staff are considered (particularly in relation to benefits) and that professional staff are well-informed of policies and programs impacting their roles. In addition to working at the state level and with University administration, PSO has a positive working relationship with faculty. Since 1995, PSO has been granted ex-officio representation on faculty councils, with many members having voting rights. Over the years, PSO has also had representation on presidential search committees, influenced procedures for mediating workplace disputes, has provided mentorship and professional development opportunities for its members, and has recognized distinguished staff.