Professional Staff Organization

April 30, 2024

2024 PSO Board Elections are Open!

The UW Professional Staff Organization opens our annual board election ballot. The PSO Board represents all Professional Staff across the UW. We are delighted to have nine new and returning board members applying for the 2024–2026 term and encourage you to review the candidate statements below and vote in our annual election.

Complete your ballot here and vote today!

Learn more about our candidates:

Tiana Cole
Program Administrator, Academic Operations

I am interested in serving as an officer with the PSO to advocate for the needs of Professional Staff on our campus and ensure that the voices of those most marginalized are amplified and addressed with actionable efforts by our administration. As a volunteer on the DEI committee for the past year and a half, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a committed group that is energized about furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion through various programming engagement events on our campuses. This programming includes our BIPOC Staff Mentorship program that recently launched its pilot, the annual Diversity forum, and various lunch and learn opportunities. In this role, I intend to serve as an accessible resource for staff and open doors for those that have been historically excluded from our institution with a steadfast effort.

Audrey McGrath
Vice President
Technical Writer, Enterprise Document Management (EDM), Data & Applications (D&A)

Hello, my name is Audrey McGrath, and I am currently serving as a Board Director (2023-2025 term) and Vice President (2024) within the Professional Staff Organization (PSO). I actively contribute to various PSO committees including IT, Communications, Executive, and DEI. My engagement extends to other Communities of Practice (CoP) within UW, including the UW-IT DEI CoP, Future of Work CoP, Business Analysis CoP, and the Hazing Committee. My commitment to fostering inclusivity and efficiency within the UW community drives my interest in representing the PSO. With a comprehensive background in committee work and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, I am well-equipped to serve as Vice President, advocating for the interests and needs of our UW professional staff and community.

Sean C. Thomas
Executive Assistant, Clinical Regulatory Affairs, UW Medicine
Administrator, Office of General Counsel, UW Medicine Nonprofit Entities and CUMG

I started volunteering with the Elections & Recruitment Committee in early 2022 to assist in transitioning balloting from Catalyst to MS Forms. That May I ran for a Board of Director position and by summer became the Chair of the Elections & Recruitment Committee. I took over as the Newsletter Editor in April 2023 and then in May ran to fill an unexpected Secretary vacancy.

Now I am running for a second term on the Board and for my first full two-year term as Secretary. I want to build upon the groundwork I began this year to make the PSO Board administrative operations as efficient as possible so that the work of the PSO can continue its essential work

PSO Board Candidates

Michelle Bucholtz
Sr. Director, Finance and Administration, Finance and Administration, Advancement

I have been an employee with the UW for almost 17 years and served as a PSO Board member for two of those years. I became a board member because even as a veteran employee, the UW is still such a large and intricate organization which makes it difficult to build community. The PSO Board offered a great opportunity to create bridges and break-out of silos and to help others do so as well. These past two years have been an enlightening experience, and it has been very heartwarming to see the great work of the Board and other professional staff. I would love the chance to continue on this journey and partner with/learn from others to build upon the mission of the PSO Board

Jasvant Singh Dosanjh
Senior Computer Specialist with UW College of Arts & Sciences Deans Office IT

During my time as Director of Development for GrizzHacks (the largest student run hackathon in Southeast Michigan), I would coordinate and plan various lectures with industry professionals for students at Oakland University and Rochester Community Schools to learn new skills and inspire curiosity and show students of various backgrounds to pursue careers in tech. During my time as a Coach for my High School Co-Ed soccer team, I organized various meetings (weekly team practices at the local university and mini games against the university recreational soccer teams, weekly team bonding sessions and multiple team practices). This cultivated an environment where the team became close-knit and allowed the team to be confident to take risks and grow in not just their soccer career but in school, at work and in their families. The impact professional development can have on someone’s life can be tremendous and this is something I want to be a part of.

Susan Kippels
Education policy research analyst, UW Continuum College

In May 2023, after a decade working in education policy research overseas, I joined the University of Washington (UW) as an education policy research analyst at Continuum College. In my role, I am eager to support and connect with the broader UW community through the Professional Staff Organization (PSO). I believe I am a strong candidate for representing professional staff on the PSO board, in part, because I can leverage my experience in navigating complex policy landscapes, particularly contributing to the PSO legislative committee.

The leadership skills I have developed throughout my career will also support my work on the PSO board. For example, I served for six years as the secretariat of a regional education research society. In this role, I managed several large international conferences and obtained valuable organizational and leadership skills. I am confident that I can bring a fresh perspective and a collaborative approach to the PSO board.

Leyla Salmassi
Manager, Office for Faculty Advancement

As a former president of the PSO, I remain deeply engaged with the organization’s efforts to unite the community of 11,000 professional staff members. When I first joined the PSO, my goal was to forge new pathways for professional staff to connect. Fostering a cohesive community and fostering inclusivity and a greater sense of belonging has always been one of my primary passions on campus. From my involvement with the DEI committee to my service on the Executive committee and as a longstanding board member, I’ve witnessed firsthand the dedication of our professional staff to promoting equity, inclusion, and a profound sense of belonging within our units, our professional staff community, and our campus at large. It would be a privilege to continue serving as a board member and to contribute to advancing the mission of the PSO.

Rachelle Anne Sigourney
Administrative Specialist, Division of Genetic Medicine, Division of Neonatology, Department of

I am an accomplished professional with experience in public higher education. With over 12 years of experience, I have honed my skills in Microsoft Office Suite, contract management, program coordination, and office management. I am currently serving as an Administrative Specialist at the University of Washington for the Divisions of Genetic Medicine and Neonatology.

My commitment to organizational improvement is reflected in my active engagement as (elected) President of the Staff Council and Chair of the Staff Recognition Committee at Texas A&M University–Central Texas. I have a proven track record of successfully implementing new systems, managing wellness and professional development events, and fostering a positive work environment. It would be a great honor to contribute to the University of Washington’s Professional Staff Organization’s Board.

Allison Spooner
Assistant to the Chair, Department of Chemistry

I’m Allison Spooner, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue serving on the Professional Staff Organization (PSO) board. Over the past two years, I’ve been privileged to contribute to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for professional staff members. My dedication to advocating for the needs and concerns of our diverse community, coupled with my passion for event planning, has equipped me to effectively represent the interests of professional staff. I’m passionate about facilitating collaboration, promoting professional development opportunities, and enhancing the overall well-being of our members. As a board member, I am committed to upholding the values of the PSO and striving to make a positive impact on behalf of our community.