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For Husky Giving Day, help create a world of good

At the University of Washington, there is no single wellspring for the astounding impact our community creates. Rather, it flows from every corner of our great public research University and healthcare enterprise. Impact happens in our classrooms, real and virtual, where students get access to a world-class education regardless of their means or background. It comes from our labs and research centers and the talented people who lead them in advancing life-saving research and discovery. It also comes from the creativity and innovation of our artists, performers and entrepreneurs. Impact is felt in our hospitals and clinics where lives are saved and improved every day and from the various centers across our campuses working on issues of human rights, both here and around the world. Ultimately, our impact is the collective and accruing sum of countless acts of service, innovation, creativity and generosity, and it is the truest measure of who we are as a community bent on creating a world of good.

Today, Husky Giving Day is a chance to make an impact in the way that is most meaningful to you — it’s a 24-hour event to rally every member of our community to support the incredible array of people, programs, and causes that add up to the UW’s world-changing impact. Every gift makes a difference, and any and all support for the work of our community has value and impact — our strength lies in our combined and collaborative efforts. Participating in Husky Giving Day is also a chance to amplify your impact by helping to unlock some of the many giving challenges from generous donors. These challenges designate additional support when donors come together to support a wide range of programs including numerous undergraduate scholarships, the STARS engineering red shirt program, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Indeed, there has never been a more fitting and meaningful time to support our students, whose resilience throughout the pandemic has been remarkable.

Our University’s strength is our community — but even more than that, our University IS our community. It is the talented faculty and practitioners who teach, discover and heal. It is the passionate, hardworking students who learn and seek opportunity. It is the dedicated staff who advance our public mission every day. And it is the devoted community of alumni and friends who create a better world by giving through the UW. Thank you to everyone who is making this Husky Giving Day a success and for everything you do the other 364 days of the year to make the world — and the UW — a better place.