Office of the President

November 8, 2018

Supporting and celebrating our first-generation college students

Ana Mari Cauce

For students who become the first in their family to earn a college degree, the impact of that achievement can be transformative, for themselves and for their families. And the impact can be felt for generations. The power of college to increase equity is what makes the UW so pleased to once again be participating in the National First Generation College Celebration.

We are proud that more than a third of UW’s undergraduates are the first in your families to seek a four-year degree. And we recognize there can be real challenges when you venture into uncharted waters, challenges that are amplified for students with financial need. If you need support, we are here on all three campuses with resources and encouragement. Our goal is to help you reach the finish line.

To our many faculty, staff and alumni who are, themselves, first-generation college graduates, this annual event is also an opportunity to celebrate your achievements. It’s a moment for you to demonstrate, through your example, what is possible through higher education. I hope faculty and staff with their own powerful story will pick up an “I Am First-Generation” button today and share your experience through social media with #CelebrateFirstGen.

The UW is committed to our mission of expanding access to an excellent education for as many people as possible. When our first-generation students take on a leadership role in a student organization or earn a degree while parenting and above all when they walk across the stage in Husky Stadium, diploma in hand, we know that our mission is succeeding.

To all our first-generation Huskies, we are proud of you!