Office of the President

January 25, 2017

Update on University response to Friday’s events (Updated)

Ana Mari Cauce

On Friday night, our campus community was shocked and heartbroken when what was intended to be a peaceful protest was disrupted by violence that resulted in several assaults and a man being shot. Like all of you, I’m thankful that the victim is reported to be recovering. In the days since that incident, the University has received many inquiries from community members concerned about campus safety.

As has been reported, an individual connected to this shooting appeared on his own initiative at the UW Police station Friday night.  After consultation with the King County prosecuting attorney’s office, the individual was not held by UWPD. The UWPD continues its very active investigation. I regret that we cannot share more details, but it is important to note that gun possession is not allowed on campus and we have acted quickly and decisively to protect our campus community.

As we have more information we are able to share, we will do so. In these difficult circumstances, I want to assure our entire community that your safety — to learn, teach and enjoy life — is paramount and that everything that can be done to ensure that safety is being done.


*Update 1/25/17 3:30 p.m.: UWPD continues its investigation of Friday’s violence in conjunction with Seattle Police and in consultation with the King County prosecutor. Updates will now be provided on the UWPD’s website as they are publicly available.

I want to reiterate: We have taken swift and decisive action to protect our campus community. The active investigation prohibits us from saying more at this point, but we will provide you with updates as possible and encourage you to visit the UWPD website. If you have information about these incidents, please contact the police. UWPD is being extra vigilant and you may see a more visible presence.