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National Institutions Coming Out Day

The University of Washington is driven by our public promise — a promise to our state and the next generation to do all that we can to make the world a better place. At the core of that promise is our deep commitment to access, equal opportunity and social justice.

We are proud to be a University that wholeheartedly welcomes and supports undocumented students on the first “National Institutions Coming Out Day,” launched by United We Dream Network’s Dream Education Empowerment Program. All three UW campuses have a variety of services for undocumented students and participate in the statewide coalition to train educators about how to best support students on their path to and through college.

We applaud our state’s elected leaders for their support of these students. In 2014, the REAL Hope Act was signed into law making Washington one of only five states that allow undocumented students to qualify for both in-state tuition and state financial aid, enhancing a 2003 law allowing undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at state colleges and universities.

At the federal level, Senator Patty Murray is the lead advocate to expand access to higher education for low-income students, regardless of their immigration status. Last month, Senator Murray introduced the “Investing in States to Achieve Tuition Equality (IN-STATE) for Dreamers Act of 2015” to establish the American Dream Grant program, which would reward states that set equitable tuition and student aid policies, offer in-state tuition and state financial aid to Dreamer students regardless of immigration status and help reduce the cost of college for all students.

We have a responsibility to ensure that all qualified students who have the curiosity to learn and a desire to earn a college degree will have a seat in our classrooms, regardless of their backgrounds.

As we work toward addressing the world’s greatest challenges, let’s work together for the common good. For more information about supporting undocumented students, please visit


Ana Mari Cauce
Interim President

Jerry Baldasty
Interim Provost

David Eaton
Dean & Vice Provost,
Graduate School

Sheila Edwards Lange
Vice President &
Vice Provost
Minority Affairs & Diversity

Mark Pagano
UW Tacoma

Denzil Suite
Vice President,
Student Life

Ed Taylor
Vice Provost & Dean,
Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Bjong Wolf Yeigh
Chancellor, UW Bothell