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July 6, 2021

ArtSci Roundup: Will Rawls: Everlasting Stranger, Grit City Think & Drink: Global Themes in World History since 1500 in Five Images, and More

Through public events and exhibitions, connect with the UW community every week! This week, attend gallery exhibitions, watch recorded events, and more. While you’re enjoying summer break, connect with campus through UW live webcams of Red Square and the quad.

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Will Rawls: Everlasting Stranger

July 17 – August 15 | Henry Art Gallery

In Everlasting Stranger, New York-based choreographer and writer Will Rawls (b. 1978, Boston, MA) activates relationships between language, dance, and image through the fragmentary medium of stop-motion animation. In his installation, time and movement slow as a live, automated camera photographs the frame-by-frame actions of four dancers. While the performers occupy the labor of becoming images, visual capture is staged as an obsessive process that is constant yet compromised by the movement it aims to fix. Here, as in previous works, Rawls develops strategies of evasion and engagement within systems that mediate, distort, and abstract the body.

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Cruisin’ Around Washington

Through October 31 | Burke Museum

This bite-sized exhibit takes you on a tour around Washington state as fossils come to life through the art of scientific surrealist Ray Troll. Peculiar-looking fish, gigantic fearsome salmon, and one very unlucky rhino all make an appearance. Utilizing brand new art, as well as old favorites, we are thrilled to be able to offer this compact extension of Troll’s work complete with specimens from Burke collections.

Free for UW Staff, Students, Faculty & Retirees | Reserve Tickets and More Info

Grit City Think & Drink: Global Themes in World History since 1500 in Five Images

July 13, 6:30 – 7:30 PM | Online via Zoom

This talk, based on E. Sundermann, M. Azevedo, and J. Dunn, Global Themes in World History since 1500, will give a brief introduction to the field of world history followed by an examination of Assistant Teaching Professor of History at UW Tacoma Libi Sundermann’s five favorite images from Global Themes in World History to illustrate the book’s sweeping topics and themes. These include geography and environment, material culture, science and technology, gender and sexuality, and war, peace, and diplomacy between 1500 and 2000.

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On Your Own Time

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A new Measure: the Revolutionary Quantum Reform of the Metric System


Scientists must rely on a system of units to provide a quantitative description of our universe. The International System of Units (the SI, or Metric system) starts with seven base units from which all measurable properties of objects and phenomena can be expressed. The universal and international character of science strives for the standards that define the units—necessary for the effective scientific communication that underpins the longstanding and continued success of science—to be unambiguous, precise, constant and accessible to everyone.

On May 20, 2019, World Metrology Day, the international metrology community adopted revolutionary changes to the SI wherein all of the base units of measure are defined by fixing the values of constants of nature. The SI is now firmly based on quantum methods of measurement. The recorded talk, presented on May 18, 2021 by physicist William D. Phillips and the Department of Physics explains why we needed such reform and how we achieved it.

Changing Global Connections: New Formations of Identity, Place and Region


Watch the conversations in Spring 2021 lecture series Changing Global Connections: New Formations of Identity, Place and Region, a four-part series on how today’s changing geopolitics is creating new configurations across regions and in the field of international studies. 

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