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March 5, 2020

President Cauce, Dr. Geoff Gottlieb discuss UW COVID-19 response at ASUW senate meeting

UW News

University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce, joined by Dr. Geoff Gottlieb, head of the UW’s Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases, met with the members of the ASUW Student Senate on March 3 to share the most current information and take questions about the University’s response and preparations for the novel coronavirus. President Cauce and Dr. Gottlieb addressed a range of student concerns from when and if the University will suspend operations to the best medical advice on avoiding infections to how the UW is working with faculty to ensure that students are not penalized for missing in-person activities.

Please note this is raw footage. It is being posted to share a full accounting of the discussion at ASUW Student Senate and to counter misinformation about comments that were not in fact made. Also note that because the COVID-19 outbreak is a constantly changing situation, information shared on the date of the meeting may have subsequently changed based on changes in the situation.

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