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July 22, 2015

Distinguished faculty to be inducted into Washington State Academy of Sciences

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In recognition of their outstanding records of scientific achievement, 12 University of Washington professors will be inducted this fall into the Washington State Academy of Sciences. The professors will be honored for their “willingness to work on behalf of the academy” to bring top-quality scientific methods to research issues pertaining to Washington state.

The induction ceremony will be held Sept. 17 at the organization’s eighth-annual meeting at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Detail from the Turing exhibit at a science museum

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One UW professor joins as a member by virtue of his acceptance into the U.S. national academies, and the other 11 were elected by their academy peers.

The addition of 24 new members this year brings the total number of active members to 240, up from 128 just five years ago.

Elected through admittance into the National Academy of Engineering:

George “Bud” Homsey, affiliate professor of mechanical engineering

Elected by members of the academy:

Shirley Anne Alexander Beresford, professor of epidemiology, adjunct professor of health services, associate dean of the School of Public Health

Cecilia M. Bitz, professor of atmospheric sciences

Dedra Stefanie Buchwald, professor of epidemiology and medicine, director of the Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research

Trisha Davis, professor and chair of biochemistry

Daniel R. Gamelin, professor of chemistry

Anthony G. Greenwald, professor of psychology

Raymond Huey, professor emeritus of biology

Kannan Krishnan, professor of materials science and engineering, adjunct professor of physics

Ramulu Mamidala, professor of mechanical engineering

Ross Matsueda, professor of sociology

Linda Teri, professor of psychosocial and community health, director of the Northwest Research Group on Aging, Psychosocial and Community Health

This article was based on a July 20, 2015, press release by the Washington State Academy of Sciences.