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Native Faculty & Staff Association

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The Native Faculty and Staff Association seeks to focus on initiatives specifically related to the well being of the University of Washington’s Native Faculty and Staff, including efforts to:

  • Create and sustain an AIAN/First Nations community at the UW that celebrates achievements, acknowledges milestones, represents concerns and provides advocacy for community members when needed;
  • Create an environment that attracts, welcomes and retains AIAN/First Nations faculty, staff, and students;
  • Acknowledge the service that Native Faculty and Staff provide to students formally and informally through mentorship and other student assistance;
  • Develop effective, ethical, innovative, respectful, and culturally appropriate cutting edge research partnerships with our Tribal communities;
  • Improve the career pipeline for faculty and staff into the upper echelon of the UW.

Related coalitions and efforts at the UW

It is important to note that there are a number of American Indian/Alaska Native/First Nations (AIAN/ First Nations) coalitions and efforts involving Native faculty and staff. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Native American Advisory Board
  • iNative Research Group
  • Center of American Indian and Indigenous Studies
  • Indigenous Wellness Research Institute
  • Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Tribal Liaison Position
  • Annual Tribal Leadership Summit
  • šəqəd tiiɬ sləʔibəš
  • Intellectual House Planning Advisory Committee and Working Group

There is overlap in the membership and participation in these groups, as well as with their respective focus, vision, and mission. As NAFSUW evolves, we will determine how we can best collaborate with these groups.